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2020 : The Year of Adventure!

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You guys, I’ve sat down to write this post what feels like a hundred times…all to no avail. So right now, I’m determined to actually finish this and hit the publish button once and for all!

Before I head into the recap for 2019, I’m just going to say that 2020 is going to be my most joy filled year yet. I’m claiming it, praying for it, and praising God going into it.

New Year. New Mindset. Same Me.

Okay, so y’all…2019 was not my favorite year. It started with so many questions, and so much uncertainty. Eric was not working at the beginning of the year and we had no leads on anything to start the new year. He did end up finding a blessing of a job in February. 🙌🏻

While that was a blessing though, during this time I was starting to get super sick. This is when my whole abscess/colostomy/colon resection journey started. I’m not going to go into too much detail because I’ve got some blog posts dedicated to it.

Also, got a really crappy ending to the year. Our house had been pending sale, and the buyer had issues over the holidays and pulled out. 😭 Now we are ending the year with uncertainty too.

But I’m proclaiming that things are going to turn around.

Adventure is ahead!

Eric applied for, was offered and accepted a job in Iowa. This means that we will be moving. As of right this moment, the girls and I are in Iowa hanging out for a few weeks until we need to head back for the movers.

It’s been…interesting staying in a hotel all day while he’s at work. (I don’t have my car, and don’t really have any exploring to do during the day at this point.) I’ve been binging the Crime Junkie podcast, cross stitching and reading a lot. 😂

The girls have enjoyed the pool and their phones, and computers. They’ve definitely gotten in more than their fair share of screen time during this time, but I’m not going to argue too much with them about it. We’ve had a couple of craft projects for them too.

When we get settled, we will be homeschooling which is a whole new adventure in and of itself. I’m actually excited about this. Now, we don’t know for sure that it’s going to be a permanent thing…we are at least going to end the school year and see how it goes. If they like it and do well, then we will continue into next year.

Brighter days ahead.

I’m going to be completely honest…I’ve been struggling with my mental health since earlier this year and having all my health issues.

I’m determined to turn this around though. My mindset has been completely negative and I have to turn that around myself. My health, both physical and mental are going to be high priorities in 2020. (I believe I said this too last year…hello, cliche.)

I’m also going to incorporate our girls into our nightly cooking and meal planning. I’d like for them to help me cook and really get them involved in the kitchen. Fun fact : I’ve been slow cooker cooking in this hotel room so we can have some home cooked meals – thank goodness for Google! (Side note : using a steak knife and cutting board the size of my hand has been a bit of a struggle, but I’m thrilled that they at least have options here.)

Branching out in my reading (I know, I know) by reading less about dragons and magic is also another priority in this season. I’m really aiming for personal growth and wellness.

Also, really finding my niche here in my little part of the internet is high on my list of things to do this year. We will see where that leads. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Oooh – I’ve got another tidbit. We had put in an offer for a house, which I believe I mentioned in a previous post…however, we ended up rescinding our offer due to a lot of issues in the inspection report. So we will now be moving into a house that I have never seen the inside of! Eric really likes the house, and I’m trusting his judgement.

Well my friends, that is basically all of my update at this time. I know it’s been random and rambling, but like I said I had a lot of trouble actually getting this post written. Just to have words on the page is a win for me today.

Let me know in the comments what you are striving to be intentional about in 2020. I’d love to pray for you and be your cheerleader!

Take care, friends. ♥️