Whirlwind Week

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Hey everyone! I know it’s been a minute since my last post, and that is because we have been in Iowa.

We flew out all of last week in order to look for a place to live, and to kind of familiarize ourselves with the area.

Gratefully, we found a house that we absolutely fell in love with. At least Eric and I did. Our oldest got on board pretty quickly, but our youngest was mad for the longest time because she claimed it was “too big.” To be fair, both of our girls preferred a more modern home. Which, I can’t fault them for that. The house we have an offer on is old in the best of ways. It’s full of so much charm. Original woodwork and built-ins, but they updated some spots like the kitchen and bathroom.

I love this house, and can not wait to show you all once we get it all put together!

I’m still trying to embrace the fact that we are moving. I’ve honestly not been that thrilled. It’s freaking cold in Iowa…and not one single part of me wants to deal with that again.

But it’s okay.

The girls are super excited. They will each have their own room now, and will have the opportunity to decorate it themselves at some point.

It’s a new season (no pun intended!) for us as a family. I’m excited to see where it leads.

I hope you’ll stay tuned and follow along with us as we move halfway across the country…again. ♥️

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