The Why

Faith. Family. Fitness. That’s the why behind what we are doing. So, meet The Cupp’s!

Here at Cuppfam, we are moving in a new direction. I will be sharing more of our personal journey – because I truly believe that our story can help others.

My husband and I are also starting a new journey on our health and wellness journey. Stay tuned for before and after testimonies, as well as tools and workouts we are using to fuel our transformations. (Food plays a huge role too!)

This is a new season for our family, and I cannot wait to share it with you! The why is our family’s backbone right now.

As we are getting older, it’s become even more apparent that there is no quick fix for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about nutrition, exercise and keeping a proper mindset (for us at least – these will vary for you!) There are also some supplemental products out there that can be of added benefit.

This is a new path for us – we’ve never embarked on anything like this before. But we are definitely using these products, and want to share them with you. Results, of course, will vary – but they have had true results in our household.

If you would like a sneak peak into the products that my husband has been using in his health journey – then click this link to go to the Modere page for more information on the available products. He is on the Lean Body System, and has so far seen pretty tremendous results. (We do not guarantee results – healthy diet and exercise are necessary.)

Thank you for joining us on our journey!