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Stephen King Book Club : The Dead Zone Edition

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Hi friends! Today’s book club discussion is for The Dead Zone by Stephen King.

If you’ve read this book, remember to leave a comment with your thoughts below. I’d love to hear them!

the dead zone

My Thoughts : The Dead Zone

At first, I really had trouble settling in with this book. The beginning was jumping timelines and characters so often that I had a hard time keeping up. I usually like that in a book, but it felt a little jumbled and hard to follow right off the bat.

However, after the first few chapters, I was able to really embrace this and enjoyed the pacing.

We meet Johnnie as he is pulling a prank on Sarah with a scary Halloween mask. Their date night at the fair ends with Sarah sick, and Johnnie in a car accident.

Over 4 and a half years pass with him in a coma, and when he emerges, he’s got a terrifying new ability.

The people in his life have not expected him to survive, except for his fanatical, cultish believing mom. She never doubted that Johnnie was going to be used by God for a greater purpose.

In the end, that purpose is exposed to him. Throughout the course of the book, we are met with serial killers, maniacal politicians and a lot of disbelievers.

It’s not until John, as he comes to be known, serves what he believes to be his final purpose that everything really falls into place.

In my opinion, I think that John was unfairly dealt the hand that he got. He didn’t ask to be fawned over, or used by others. He also lost the only woman that he ever really loved, which was the saddest part. Sarah never got over him either, but she had moved on with her life, as she should have.

In the wake of his abilities, comes another ailment that we don’t learn about until the end. This could really be the catalyst behind all of his visions.

But then again, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe he really was chosen by God as Vera believed.

I really enjoyed reading this book and seeing how John embraced his life and skills.

The Dead Zone : Star Rating

4 Stars

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