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Stephen King Bookclub : Rage Edition

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Hi friend! Today’s book club update is for Rage, which Stephen King wrote as Richard Bachman.

This one I found as a compilation from – which is my new favorite site. (Hot tip : If you sign up for their reading rewards and make a qualifying purchase, we can both get a free book! Click this link to sign up.)

Rage was a shorter book, and definitely was more psychological.

For me, it was not scary (like The Shining) so much as disturbing…mostly because the character felt like he could be anyone’s neighbor.

Stephen king book club rage

My Thoughts on Rage :

Charlie holds his classroom hostage, after killing 2 teachers.

However, as we are progressed through the day, we find that his classmates really don’t mind.

The students seem to work their way through some issues they’ve been having, which I found unexpected and refreshing.

Charlie also navigate us through his life which as led up to where he is today.

I enjoyed reading this one a lot.

It was different than a classic horror, but no less haunting.

I’d never heard of this book before I actually landed on it to be read next. It was a more elusive one to find, since a lot of the versions seems to be going for extremely high (at least in my opinion) prices.

I’m glad that I did not skip over the Richard Bachman books, and look forward to reading more very soon.

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