Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Winded

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Hi friends. Below are my notes for Pastor Steven Furtick’s sermon titled Winded. This message is from Elevation Church on October 9, 2022.

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Please remember that these are not my own words, but rather the notes that I took while Pastor Steven was speaking. If you need more context, or would like to watch the sermon again, click here to watch Winded on YouTube.

I’ve also linked the Bible verses so you can click those to read.


Sermon Notes : Winded

  • Matthew 14:22-32
  • How tired are you?
  • Mental stress when we don’t know where the provision comes from.
  • Where are you winded?
  • Have to learn to depend on God’s wind and spirit.
  • Discouragement, temptations, give up, crazy thoughts.
  • I’m only human.
  • The Holy Spirit does not consult human schedules.
  • Jesus is not soft.
  • It’s fun when we’re in a good mood.
  • When they take you for granted it means you’re good.
  • I want to be good enough to be taken for granted.
  • Just because God gave it doesn’t mean it’s easy.
  • Trauma makes it hard to even trust God.
  • How do I know it’s God and not me?
  • Why do I doubt?
  • Does anyone really care?
  • What goes wrong when you sink?
  • When did he doubt – when he saw the wind.
  • Why don’t I stay locked on Jesus?
  • Trying to be all the people I’m not.
  • Who are you here for?
  • He’ll still use me even though I’m struggling.
  • You want to fall now? You’re too close.
  • When I’m tempted to look away is when I’m the closest.
  • There’s nothing to go back to.
  • When did you start shrinking God?
  • Shift your attention back on Jesus.
  • You have to want him in your boat.
  • It won’t make sense until the other side.
  • All who touched are healed.
  • How many ways does God need to show you that everything he takes you through is for a purpose.
  • He’s not through with you yet.

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