Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – When the Gift Becomes a Prison

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Hi friend! Thanks for taking the time to read today. Below you will find my sermon notes for Pastor Steven Furtick’s message titled When the Gift Becomes a Prison.

This sermon was given at Elevation Church on August 22, 2021. Even though Elevation is located in Charlotte, NC that does not mean you can’t get involved from wherever you are. Visit for information on how to join an online volunteer team, or to join an eGroup.

Please also remember that these are not my words, but just the notes I took while Pastor was speaking. Therefore, you’ll need context. You can click here to watch the message in full on YouTube. Also, I’ve linked the Bible verses so you can click to read those as well.

And be sure to leave a comment letting me know your favorite takeaway. 🏝

Sermon Notes : When the Gift Becomes a Prison

  • Luke 6:1-5
  • What are you modeling your life after?
  • A talent that comes directly from God can leave you feeling trapped because you don’t have a concept of self that is separate from the skillset you have developed and honed.
  • Do you observe the sabbath?
  • Old wineskins can’t hold new wine.
  • Jesus broke stuff.
  • When my tradition and the truth contradict one another, one has to break.
  • Discipleship by default, or design.
  • Some of us were discipled by dysfunction so that dysfunction has become the default in how we approach life.
  • Some of the patterns in your heart were designed in ways you you weren’t even aware of them.
  • Apprenticed by anxiety.
  • Was your life framed by worry, and what if and scarcity?
  • An internship in insecurity.
  • Following Jesus gives you the option who you want to be discipled by.
  • The same feed that is making you crazy is putting the word of God in your spirit right now.
  • God can bless you with income, but that can cause you to step out too far too fast because you didn’t know how to manage it.
  • What has God given you that you’ve become a slave to?
  • Jesus didn’t care what they did with the grain, because he is the bread of life.
  • Watch out for people who tell you what God can’t do.
  • You tend to let other peoples insecurities become your limitations.
  • Is David going to copy the king that he sees, or become the king that he is?
  • God chose David.
  • 1 Samuel 21:3-6
  • The gift of the sabbath should bring you into rest.
  • Copy the original.
  • God is sick of your excuses.
  • God is trying to get the husk fall off of your life.
  • He’s rubbing away the husk that is not working.
  • Keep the kernel.
  • Some things have to fall away for you to get to what’s true.
  • God threshes by hand.
  • Are you giving the devil credit for something Jesus is doing?
  • It’s not a threat, it’s a threshing.
  • The threshing is a blessing.
  • Christ in you is the operating system of your life – not the condemnation in you.

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