Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – When God Says Stop

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Hey there my friend! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted any sermon notes here, but this week’s message really hit me hard.

In the midst of this pandemic, I think it’s important to spread as much positivity as possible. I know that I’ve been craving it, and I know that I’m not the only one.

So here are my notes from this weekend’s sermon at Elevation Church. This message was delivered by Pastor Steven Furtick.

It is called “When God Says Stop.”

Here is the link to YouTube where you can go and watch the message. ♥️

Please note – I take these notes in real time so if any of the snippets do not make sense, it’s because it requires more context from the message itself.

  • here comes church!
  • get in position.
  • we are positioned for a miracle.
  • no mess, no ministry
  • god shows us the biggest miracles in our biggest messes
  • we want the miracle without the mess a lot of the times
  • are you willing to avoid the spit to gain your sight?
  • Joshua 3:1-17
  • desperation is the setup for revelation
  • faith can’t grow in familiarity
  • fear is to our spirit what weights are to our muscles
  • fear gives us an opportunity to exercise faith
  • there is too much distraction in my mind to hear from God
  • this chapter represents and ending to what they knew was normal
  • in order for God to bring something new, he has to disrupt what is normal
  • stop looking at God as a means, and he is an end
  • it’s not where god takes me, it’s what he shows me along the way
  • stop acting like you’re the only one (scared, uncertain, questioning, struggling, etc.)
  • self-centeredness makes your short-sighted
  • we are all always going through something
  • we are going through the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat
  • God is positioning us for the miracle of empathy
  • we will sit in a miracle and not recognize it as a miracle
  • it’s hard to recognize a miracle or a good moment when we are in it
  • God always shows you who you are by what he’s brought you through
  • the goal isn’t just to get through something, it’s for god to show us something in it that will make us better on the other side
  • we don’t get stuck, we stop
  • we feel like all we see is bad news…STOP WATCHING IT!!!
  • you’re going to feed yourself fear, and then pray for more faith?!
  • you know enough about God to get you through this valley
  • what you know HAS to take over what you feel
  • stop living by feelings and start living by faith
  • Stop wasting today’s strength fighting tomorrow’s battles
  • we’ve never been this way before, and that gives us an amazing opportunity to rely on god like never before
  • God is already in your tomorrow!
  • God’s job is tomorrow – your job is today.
  • we can’t freak out and call it prayer
  • stop worrying about what god is already working on
  • when you don’t know where to go , that is when you get to know who god really is
  • when god says stop, the storm has to listen
  • God speaks peace to every anxious heart
  • fight the devil with an emoji  🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • what is god saying stop to in your life right now?
  • We will get through this!
  • but will we go through it in a way that makes us better when we do?
  • why did god tell the people to remain so far away from the ark?
    • god gave them the gift of distance
    • he’s teaching us that even when he feels distant, he isn’t
  • stop expecting to have a testimony without a test
  • God’s got you covered
  • we see miracles better at a distance
  • what is God mending in you right now?
  • In Joshua 3:5 we see that God has a job, and we also have a job.
  • we have to trust god with tomorrow’s problems and embrace today’s process
  • I cannot predict the path, all I can do is walk it
  • if you can consecrate yourself today, god is already in your tomorrow
  • Joshua 3:15 – there is no way they could have crossed the Jordan on their own – when God said stop, the waters stopped
  • the size of the problem create the opportunity
  • god is telling the anxiety in your heart to stop flowing
  • god is using distance right now as a means to call us closer to him
  • it’s not just that you get through it, it’s that you take something from it

I pray that you find this message as impactful as I did. Have an amazing week.