Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – What It Means Is Up To Me

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Below you will find my sermon notes for this weekend’s sermon at Elevation Church. This message was delivered by Pastor Steven Furtick, and I hope that you are blessed by it.

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Sermon Notes : What It Means Is Up To Me

  • When you access the belief that you are worthless, you start to walk around with your head down – but today is the day that you can throw back your shoulders and say “I believe in resurrection, and I believe in Jesus!”
  • What does it matter? What shall I choose? What does it mean?  
  • Philippians 1:18-22
  • Motives don’t matter as much as God’s mission.
  • We have to make the choice to rejoice.
  • I did it, I am doing it, and I will continue to do it!
  • The resource is greater than the resistance.
  • Genesis 50:19-23       
  • What you do is up to you, but what it means is up to me.
  • We need to be child-like, not childish.
  • How many things that the world calls success is really just ego?
  • I got the fruit of the spirit!
  • When you finally get something and it’s really empty, it’s almost worse than never getting it.                                     
  • Everything is meaningless until you give it meaning.   
  • Success needs to be seen in the right context – so does failure.
  • I’m not chained to it – it’s chained to me!
  • It’s up to me what it means!
  • Do not fight against what God is bringing into your life.
  • Most of us assume that when we say we are in God’s presence that our circumstances are favorable – but we need to realize that God is with us even when we don’t feel him there.
  • John 15:2
  • If you always think that bad things happening comes from the devil attacking you, you will miss the opportunity to bear fruit.
  • The proof is in the pruning.
  • “How I interpret silence comes from how I understand myself.” Amen, Pastor Steven.
  • When you’re looking for loss, you will find it.     
  • Look for the love of God when you’re going through a period of loss.    
  • The ability to see how God is working
  • Genesis 41:50-52
  • God makes us fruitful in our failure – it’s only over if you quit.
  • God gave Joseph so much fruit, that all he went through made it worth it.
  • We are in a pruning season, but God prunes those that he loves.  
  • The enemy’s attack is proof of how much God has put his breath inside of me.
  • God is still God even when you feel like you’re in prison.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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