Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – We Are We Label

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Hi friends! Below you’ll find my notes for Pastor Steven Furtick’s sermon We Are We Label. This sermon is from Elevation Church on October 23, 2022.

Please remember that these are not my own thoughts, but simply the notes that I took while Pastor Steven was speaking. If you want to listen to this message again, or need more context – click here to watch We Are We Label on YouTube. I’ve also linked the Bible verses if you want to read those.

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we are we label

Sermon Notes : We Are We Label

  • Romans 4:16-18
  • The hard part is that we don’t know when it comes.
  • I’m not done becoming.
  • If I come into agreement to what he speaks, his authority will be behind it.
  • We’ve got to stay in alignment with God so that we feel good when others aren’t around.
  • The moment it’s labeled, it’s limited.
  • We can miss God’s intention because we have our own agenda.
  • God hates when we limit something in order to label something.
  • The greatest limitation on your life right now is not your potential, it’s your belief.
  • The greatest thing that God will give you faith for is not something he wants you to have, but someone that he wants you to be.
  • If you get it and God doesn’t get you, you won’t be able to sustain what you’ve obtained.
  • If everyone became what God said, we’d never live a day defeated.
  • It’s not what God’s said over your life that determines your limit, your limit is determined by your belief.
  • What is one thing that you want to be right now?
  • I believe God is calling me to be more ____________?
  • A lot of times, your comfort zone is what kills you.
  • Comfort = complacent.
  • We can’t have joy when we’re beating ourselves up for being down.
  • Joy doesn’t come from circumstances.
  • Your joy is your job.
  • What are you becoming? Whatever it is is because of something you’re believing
  • God hates labels.
  • We can’t just judge somebody based on a snapshot that we saw.
  • God doesn’t label me based on what I’m loyal to.
  • We become what we believe.
  • God labels your life based on where he knows he’s taking you.
  • Why do you believe the devil so easy, and believe God so hard.
  • Just because you left Egypt doesn’t mean you believe yet in what God says you’re to be.
  • You are on the verge of your best version.
  • Why are you so loyal to the worst version of you?
  • You’re keeping yourself in a rut.
  • Do the new you.
  • You wanna call me something call me saved!
  • Number 13:30
  • Today is the day you change your label.
  • We are weak, but he is strong.
  • If you know, God is able to do immeasurably more than we ask.
  • Don’t label it yet. God isn’t through with you yet.
  • We are well able!
  • New labels, no limits.
  • How we see it isn’t how God sees it.
  • God wants to redeem some things that you will not release to him.

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