Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Wasted Rain

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Hello again, friends. Below you’ll find my personal notes for Pastor Steven’s message from Elevation Church this weekend. Honestly, the way that he talked about not hearing from God because we are so full of our own insecurity really spoke to me on a deeply personal level. I hope that his message blesses you as much as it blessed me.

As always, I take my notes in real time – so context is needed. Don’t forget to watch for yourself! Click here to watch on YouTube.

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Sermon Notes : Wasted Rain

  • Luke 4:19
  • December 13, 2020 will be the year end offering at Elevation “Favor”
  • Isaiah 55:8-11
  • God will make up the difference.
  • God is the god of revival, resurrection, and renewal
  • Before the rain, comes the repentance.
  • Do you believe the word of God can change your life?
  • God’s word does not override your thought process.
  • There has to be a forsaking before there is a filling.
  • God speaks to us, but we don’t have room to receive it.
  • How much time do you waste because you didn’t get God’s direction for your life first?
  • What are you doing with all of your sermon notes? You’ve got all the truth just sitting there. 
  • God has been trying to encourage you all week, but you’re still discouraged. Why? Because it went down the drain.
  • What promises has God tried speaking to you that you’ve just let go?
  • We are wasting the words that God has spoken over our lives.
  • That’s how he supplies all of your needs.
  • We can quote scripture over top of our problems because it means we don’t have to deal with them.
  • The word of God can not do what it needs to do if you have a jacked up thought process.
  • If you’re a pessimist, you will only hear the word in with the thought that it’s for someone else, but not yourself. (Ouch! ?)
  • Do we only associate God’s word with comfort? 
  • Are you wasting the rain?
  • If your thought process is programmed by the world, you’ll stop hearing his word.
  • Every time God speaks it comes with a purpose.
  • When you water the wrong thoughts and suggestions they take over everything in your life.
  • You waste the rain when your emotions are overrun with negativity, fear, and anxiety.
  • God is intentional – he doesn’t waste his word.
  • Even when God rambles, it’s revelation.
  • Every drop has a destiny.
  • Do you take for granted what God has placed in your life?
  • The word of God depends on your response to determine how powerful it will become in your life.
  • We start limiting our opportunities to the level of our insecurities.
  • The only way the rain doesn’t work is if there’s nothing in the ground to come forth…because the rain reveals what’s been planted.
  • Matthew 7:24-25
  • Rain brings revelation – don’t waste it.
  • Rain can come to test whether what you’ve heard is really in your heart.
  • The rain reveals what your house is really built on.
  • Are you going to get wisdom from the rain so that you don’t re-build your broken house on the same foundation?
  • God allows certain things to be taken away from your life so that you will rebuild on a solid foundation so you’re not living in an unstable place.
  • Stop letting worry sit on the throne in your heart.
  • James 5:17-18
  • It’s amazing what can make you back down.
  • What words have entered your soul to get you running from the very thing that you’ve been praying for?
  • Stop running from what you prayed for.

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One thought on “Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Wasted Rain

  1. i thank the pastor for his beautiful words he speaks.blessed are the feet of those who come in the name of the feels like god has sent him to preach just to me so thank you

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