Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Trusting Through the Tearing (Torn but Trusting)

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Hi friends! I’m back with this week’s sermon notes for Pastor Steven Furtick’s sermon titled Trusting Through the Tearing. This message is from Elevation Church on September 18, 2022.

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Also note that these are not my own thoughts, but rather the notes I took while Pastor Steven was speaking. If you need more context, click here to watch Trusting Through the Tearing on YouTube.

Bible verses are also linked so you can click on those to read.

Thanks for taking the time to read today, I appreciate it. 🏝

trusting through the tearing

Sermon Notes : Trusting Through the Tearing

  • Genesis 32:21-32; 33:1-4
  • God uses situations to deal with issues in you. 
  • A lot of times when we actually do things, they aren’t as bad as we thought they would be.
  • God’s got you in between.
  • The in between things can leave you feeling irritable and unstable.
  • Romans 8:31
  • We know we’re called, but we’re often confused.
  • It will not be sufficient to hear today’s message, but then not live it out until we meet again.
  • You have to be careful how you spend the first 30 minutes after you hear a sermon.
  • The enemy is a distraction immediately.
  • God can’t remind us of anything because we fill every single moment with apps, and games and appointments.
  • Some of the best stuff happens in between.
  • We focus on getting through things.
  • We take ourselves into the new year.
  • Our whole lives are getting to, and getting through.
  • We miss so many things in between.
  • We don’t really know how to be in between.
  • God is trying to meet you in between, and he’s got you in between for a reason.
  • He puts the blessing in the in between moments of life. 
  • If we are so focused on the future or the past, we will not receive what we need in the in between for the future strength we need.
  • Sometimes the in between place is the blessed place.
  • Let go.
  • But it’s not that simple…
  • Torn = stressed.
  • God blessed him there.
  • Sometimes God can touch a place so that we walk different from then on.
  • Jacob’s “tendoncy” was to run.
  • We can’t outrun God’s plan or purpose.
  • Am I going to walk according to my new nature or my old name?
  • Jacob lived with the limp for the rest of his life.
  • Hebrews 11:21
  • God won’t let you go until he blesses you.
  • It’s not over, you’re just in between.
  • He never quit limping, but he never stopped walking.
  • You’re gonna get there limping.
  • Everybody’s torn and limping in some area of life.
  • We have to trust through the tearing.
  • You’ve got to learn how to lean in the places that you’re weak.
  • You’ll always have the mark from where he touched you so that you know that you got there because of him.

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