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Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Tired On The Inside

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Hey there. Below you’ll find my personal notes for Pastor Steven’s message from Sunday at Elevation Church.

Please note that these are my personal notes that I take in real time as I’m watching. Context may be needed, so you’ll definitely need to watch the message for yourself, too.

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Sermon Notes : Tired On The Inside

  • Yours is the house of God.
  • THIS IS MY CHURCH! #efam
  • People are no longer saying they’re busy, but are still tired.
  • John 4:18
  • How are you really, inside?
  • Jesus refuses to be controlled by the agendas of others.
  • A lot of things that we say God does, he isn’t the one actually doing.
  • This text does not show the soft side of Jesus – this is the savage side of him.
  • He had to go through Samaria.
  • Whose agenda are you committed to?
  • We all have “some area” that we try to avoid.
  • Sometimes the reason we are so tired is because we’re trying to work around what God is trying to bring us straight into.
  • What are you working around in your life that God wants you to walk through? How much longer are you going to continue doing that?
  • It was the path of his purpose.
  • In John’s gospel, Jesus is fully God.
  • He was not driven by popularity. 
  • 41 generations of God finding men and using men.
  • John 1:14
  • Do you know who Jesus is?
  • He didn’t get started when he showed up.
  • God put you where he wanted you – some of the battles you’re fighting started long before you got here. 
  • It’s not all.
  • What I have known doesn’t have to be my normal forever.
  • What we think we know of God isn’t all that he is.
  • Certain things God shows you means you can’t unsee them anymore.
  • God is trying to get you some oil so you don’t die before you find out your true purpose here.
  • We’re living in six. (Mans number)
  • Jesus is the 7th man.
  • Which Jesus do we worship?
  • Isaiah 40:28
  • Jesus got tired too – He sat at the well because he was tired.
  • The same God who created you, who was strong and powerful enough, shows us that being weary doesn’t mean you’re weak.
  • Straight through was the shortcut. 
  • It’s hard to understand someone when you only see them at one part of their journey.
  • I worship a God who is powerful enough to give me strength and human enough to get tired.
  • This makes Jesus more relatable.
  • Did he go through Samaria because he was tired of the way they were treating each other? To abolish the barriers?
  • Are you waiting on God right now?
  • When you get too tired you start fighting battles that don’t matter to distract you from the ones that do.
  • Faith doesn’t prevent fatigue, it gives you a place to sit.
  • What well do you sit by when you’re tired?
  • What wells are you digging for your kids to get to sit by?
  • A lot of the places that we’re sitting while we’re tired are making us more dehydrated, dumber, more fragmented.
  • It’s never about what we think it’s about.
  • Sit with him a little while, and see who you really are.
  • We can’t rely on people to let us know who we really are.
  • He sat in the well so she could see what was within her.
  • He sat down, not because he needed rest, but because she’s did.
  • He is the God who will come through 41 generations and go through Samaria just to sit with you.
  • When you sit with God, you will see with God.
  • Sit by the well that has living water.
  • Even if we don’t have the patience to wait for jesus, he’s waiting for us.
  • God knows you’re tired and thirsty, and he wants to give you water.
  • Can you hope even when you don’t feel like it?
  • Sometimes he walks on water, sometimes he is the water.
  • Leave behind the jar that you’re carrying that you weren’t meant to be carrying.

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Enjoy the rest of your day, and I’ll be praying that you remain safe and healthy. 💛