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Sermon Notes : Tauren Wells – The Year I Saw

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Hello again, friends. I’m back with my sermon notes today. This message from Elevation was given by Tauren Wells. You can find this message here on YouTube.

Just a reminder, as always, that I take my notes in real time as he was speaking. You’ll probably have to watch for yourself to get the context. 💛

  • Impressed from a distance, impacted up close.
  • In order for God to build in us, he has to bring it down to the dirt.
  • The good news is that he knows what to do with the dirt.
  • 2020 may not even be the worst year that a lot of us have experienced.
  • Isaiah 6:1
  • It’s not what we thought it would look like
  • What we thought was strong died – and it makes us realize what true strength really looks like.
  • Maybe got had been removing things from you life that you had been putting your confidence in because you thought they were stronger than they really are.
  • God is stronger.
  • Some of my perceptions weren’t as strong as I thought they were, but instead of running to something to fix my problems, we need to run to the name of the Lord.
  • There is more to see
  • Many of us get stuck in an isolated area where we only see 1/3 of what there is to see.
  • We become imprisoned in our pain.
  • Social media and the news are sending us isolated narratives.
  • What narrative have you been isolated in?
  • Pain can restrict sight and keep you from seeing the whole picture.
  • You can’t even see the people that want to love you because you’re so suspicious of everyone because of a few people who weren’t actually for you.
  • Your pain can produce clarity, too.
  • Isaiah 9:6-8
  • Isaiah 12:2
  • Isaiah 42:3
  • Does losing something make you blind to seeing the king?
  • Your story is not finished until god writes the final chapter.
  • You choose what you see.
  • The thing that has been over you has someone over it.
  • I got through it, but I’m still not over it.
  • If you’re not over it, it’s probably over you, influencing decisions and you don’t even realize.
  • You don’t have to get over it, but you can look over it to see a little further than the reality that it’s all consuming.
  • God is ordering your footsteps.
  • God is still God, and you still aren’t.
  • Life is full of wonders and wounds and we choose which we glance at and stare into.
  • Are you living from the sounds of what people have done to you?
  • Isaiah 6:3;5
  • What would our world look like if we would first see, listen and then respond.
  • When we get a revelation of what god is, we want to run and
  • Revelation is for re-evaluation of us not everybody else.
  • The true response of people who have really seen Jesus is inward reflection.
  • I’m not here to call you out – I need work done in me!
  • Isaiah 6:8
  • We need to touch the altar.
  • It may not be what we saw, but it can be the year that we see also the Lord.
  • God, please touch the places where we are lonely – and help us surrender to the process of transformation.
  • The story doesn’t end here – if it’s not good, God is not done.

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Paola Vincent
September 9, 2020 at 11:01 pm

Loved the sermon notes!

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