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Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – The Season To Succeed

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These notes are for Pastor Steven Furtick’s sermon The Season To Succeed. From Elevation Church February 9, 2020.

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Bible verses are linked if you’d like to read those.

Please remember these aren’t my own words, but simply the notes that I took during the message.

Sermon Notes : The Season to Succeed

  • The stuff that really matters is hard to measure.
  • Reclaim the Biblical concept of blessing
  • psalm 1:1-3
  • To be successful and miserable is not a blessing.
  • success is relative to who, what, when, where
  • Jesus did not settle on the surface meaning of success.
  • Some of us are doing things to get attention from people who aren’t even paying attention.
  • we attach cultural definitions to biblical terms
  • difference between being well known and widely known, fruitful and famous.
  • Jesus would have been a failure based on our standards today
  • at the moment of a seeds greatest potential is when it’s broken and hidden
  • Luke 17:20
  • only God can “get” you because you are dysfunctional
  • the kingdom of God is within you
  • the strategy of the enemy is get you to hate your here
  • you can only bear your own fruit
  • our temptation is to look at others and want to bear their fruit
  • God has wired all of us individually
  • yield your fruit – do your thing – make your mark 
  • I might not be famous,  but I’m going to be fruitful
  • we don’t produce anything because we don’t get planted anywhere
  • being consistent isn’t sexy
  • are you going to chase clout, or are you going to embrace calling?
  • bear your fruit in season.
  • if you judge it in the process of doing it, you interrupt the power of it.
  • look at what the faithfulness of Jesus has created.
  • when we produce something over here, it causes us to feel horrible about what is happening over there.
  • you are only responsible to produce what is in you right here, right now.
  • I will not quit on the gift god gave me because I do not see it in a sensational form.

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