Sermon Notes : Pastor Stephen Chandler – The Blessing of a Closed Door

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Hi friends! Below you’ll find my notes for Pastor Stephen Chandler’s sermon at Elevation Church titled The Blessing of a Closed Door.

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Please remember that these are not my own words, but the notes I took while Pastor Stephen was speaking. Context will be needed. Click here to watch The Blessing of a Closed Door on YouTube. Also, I’ve linked the Bible verses, so you can click to read those.

Thank you for taking the time to read today. Let me know your favorite takeaway in the comments below. ?

the blessing of a closed door

Sermon Notes : The Blessing of a Closed Door

  • John 20:19-22
  • Watch God work.
  • Are you worshipping God because of what he can do for you, or because of who he is?
  • If all you’ve experienced is open doors, you’ll begin to take it for granted.
  • A closed door makes you grateful for an open door.
  • A closed door is not the end of the story but the beginning a decision.
  • Not All Closed Doors Are The Same
  • God doesn’t close all doors – fear can do that too.
  • A subconscious defense mechanism.
  • 3 John 1:2
  • There’s closed doors outside of you because there is a closed door inside of you.
  • Unlock what’s on the inside to unlock what is on the outside.
  • If you don’t let anyone close enough to hurt you, no one will be close enough to bless you.
  • God loves you and will walk through the walls of your heart.
  • Revelation 3:20
  • Some Closed Doors Are A Setup
  • Sometimes God closes doors.
  • Acts 1:4
  • God calls you to something beyond your ability.
  • He will put you in a position that is over your head.
  • If God has closed the door in your life it is either because you aren’t ready for your breakthrough or your breakthrough isn’t ready for you.
  • Wait on God’s timing.
  • Are you mature enough to thank God for the no’s in your life?
  • When the door opens, it’s game time.
  • There’s nothing worse than getting the right thing at the wrong time.
  • The right thing at the wrong time is not a blessing.
  • So often when we have a problem, we look everywhere but God.
  • Preparation time.
  • Matthew 6:6
  • If I’m praying and looking, I’m not praying in faith.
  • We have to know that God will do it.
  • Our faith builds in the closed door seasons.
  • Don’t Get Used To Closed Doors
  • Closed doors are preparation time, but you don’t need to get used to losing.
  • It’s a season, not a life sentence.
  • Some closed doors are the enemy, and those are the doors that God will kick in.
  • The miracle is at the door.
  • Pray with expectation and faith.

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