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Sermon Notes : Pastor Tim Somers : Thank U, Next

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My notes for Pastor Tim Somers’ sermon Thank U, Next. From Elevation Church on February 23, 2020.

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Bible verses are linked if you’d like to read them.

Please remember these aren’t my own words, but simply the notes that I took during the message.

Sermon Notes : Thank U, Next

  • Matthew 3:13-17
  • We think we know what is best for ourselves, don’t we?
  • We have no clue what God is going to do next.
  • God is on the move even though you can’t see it.
  • Jehovah Jireh – my provider.
  • What happens next is always up to Jesus, what happens right now is always up to you.
  • By being baptized, he is practicing the rite of submitting to God’s will.
  • He does not cut corners.
  • What’s next is always now.
  • He will never give you next.
  • Why do we focus our entire life on it constantly?
  • Plan the future, but do not make next your priority.
  • It will become your provision…which prevents what God wants for you.
  • Express gratitude.
  • Our job is “thank you.” His job is next.
  • The revelation of next only comes with the realization of now. Or the responsibility of now.
  • The only thing that God has ever given you is right now.
  • Show me your now, and I’ll show you your next.
  • How are you praying, believing for, right now?
  • You’ve been given something – what are you doing with it?
  • We don’t understand the ROI of the church.
  • The church is a 100% guarantee that God is doing something beneficial in your life.
  • Timing is everything.

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