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Throwback Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Don’t Stop on Six

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Elevation Church just hosted their first #TBT service, where they played old worship songs, and showed a video of a sermon from 2013. The title of his message was Don’t Stop on Six – and you’ll find my notes for this below.

I think this message is essential for these days that we are going through. Everything is so unpredictable right now – but as Pastor Steven said – Even if this isn’t your last lap, act like it is. Because one day you’ll be right.

Sending all my love and prayers to each of you. Stay safe and healthy. ♥️

As always – these notes are taken in real time as Pastor is speaking, so there may be grammatical errors that I missed or you may need to watch yourself to get some context. This message is in the vault though, so it’s not available by Elevation on the internet.

#TBT Pastor Steven Furtick – Don’t Stop on Six (2013)

TBT – April 23, 2020 – Pastor Steven Furtick – Don’t Stop on Six (2013)

  • Joshua 6:1-15
  • Don’t you dare stop on six!
  • there are promises that are not yet possessed by God’s people.
  • people stop short of god’s promise for 3 different reasons
    • your perspective gets blocked
      • there’s always a problem standing between god’s promise and your possession
      • impossible situations are not intimidating to God
      • god speaks in the past tense about battles we haven’t even fought yet
      • what do you do when what you see doesn’t look anything like what god said?
      • the enemy loves to use your problems to block your perspective.
      • sometimes in order to be victorious you’ve got to be willing to look ridiculous
      • praise will lift your perspective to see past the wall and see into the promise
    • your progress isn’t always obvious
      • we need to see to believe, but God doesn’t work that way
      • Will you do God’s will even when it doesn’t work?
      • will you forgive even when they don’t return the favor?
      • will you still pray even when nothing gets answered?
      • you’ve got to learn to take another lap even when nothing moves
      • maybe god doesn’t want us to know it’s working because there’s a deeper work that he wants to do in us.
      • be less focused on the outcome and more focused on obedience.
      • outcome is god’s job, obedience is yours
      • sometimes the best strategy is to shut up and march
      • we talk ourselves out of what God is telling us to do
      • wouldn’t it be nice if life let you know how many laps are left in your race?
      • I want my Krispy Kreme!
      • we need mile markers
      • I can keep my head up, but I need to know where the other side is.
    • the process is open ended
      • life is not like nascar.
      • the reason you can’t stop is because you might be on six and not even know it.
      • wouldn’t be a shame to walk away when you’ve come this far?
      • you can’t walk by what you see.
      • you can’t give up because it doesn’t feel good
      • you can’t let people talk you out of it
      • you can’t let your emotions stop you from moving forward 
      • why would god let me circle these walls six times?
        • God needs us to know once we get inside our promise who brought us there.
      • we’d think it was ourselves that brought the walls down, and we wouldn’t be prepared for the promise.
      • Hebrews 10:35-36
      • you don’t have to feel it or like it to do it
      • when you have done the will of god you have to persevere so that you will receive what he has promised
      • in the process of circling, he prepares us for what he has prepared for us.
      • it’s not for nothing
      • this might be your seventh lap
      • what if it’s not?
        • act like every lap is your last and one day you’ll be right. 🎙⬇️