Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Something Good Is Coming From This!

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Hi friends! I hope you are doing great today. Below you’ll find my notes from Pastor Steven Furtick’s sermon titled Something Good Is Coming From This. This sermon is from Elevation Church on December 12, 2021.

Please remember that these are not my own words, but merely the notes that I took while Pastor Steven was speaking. Context will be needed. Click here to watch Something Good Is Coming From This on YouTube. I’ve also linked the Bible verses so you can click to read those.

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Thank you for taking the time to read today. I appreciate all of your support. 🏝

something good is coming from this

Sermon Notes : Something Good Is Coming From This

  • It’s Offering Weekend – click here to learn more.
  • Even your dumb decisions don’t disqualify your from being used for His purpose.
  • Matthew 2:13-15;19-23
  • You can have a sentimental feeling about Christmas, and completely miss the significance.
  • If you read the Christmas story and only see objects, angels wings, and what it was like to be Joseph, you’ve missed the message.
  • It’s meant to give you significance it the areas of your life that don’t seem significant.
  • You don’t know what significance is when you’re in it.
  • Matthew 2:1;15;23
  • You can read the Bible and miss the significance of born in Bethlehem, out of Egypt and called a Nazarene.
  • Are you driving based on an old map?
  • There are blessings on the backroads. 
  • There are blessings in obscurity that you don’t get with popularity.
  • Bigger isn’t always better.
  • You need to have flexible expectations in order to have strong faith, or your faith will break.
  • God is working all things together in your life for the good of those who love him and who have been called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)
  • God is re-routing when he is pruning.
  • Don’t leave Egypt without first exiting through the gift shop.
  • You are trying to answer questions at the level of Herod that can only be answered at the level of heaven.
  • Exodus 12:36
  • You need to plunder your depression, anxiety and addiction. That same drive will make you ferociously committed by God to his purpose.
  • What if what you’re scared of works out for your good?
  • If you’re not carrying Jesus you don’t know about the purpose of God.
  • Something good doesn’t always match your exact preference of life.
  • We have to stop believing that ONE DAY something good will come from this.
  • Keep it in the here and now and say something good IS COMING from this.
  • God doesn’t ask you. 
  • John 1:45-46
  • Something good came from Nazareth.
  • Something good is coming from this.
  • Leave God room for what he calls good.
  • I don’t know how, I don’t know when – but I believe it!
  • Stop calling it what people call it – start calling it what God calls it.
  • I’m the one who is believing this message.
  • God wants you to have faith for backroads and blank space.

Have an amazing week ahead, everyone!

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