Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Same Devils, New Levels

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Hey there friend! I hope you’re doing great today! Below you’ll find my sermon notes for Pastor Steven’s message this weekend (Jan. 31, 21) at Elevation Church. This sermon is titled Same Devils, New Levels.

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Since I take my notes in real time, here is a link to go watch on YouTube if you haven’t. or would like to watch again.

(Bible verses are linked and will open in a new tab if you’d like to read those too.)

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Sermon Notes : Same Devils, New Levels

  • 2 Samuel 21:15-17
  • Once again…
  • Never again…
  • David was still fighting some of the same giants 2 decades later
  • (Same devil, just dressed different.)
  • The devil isn’t creative, God is.
  • The world, the flesh, the devil are the 3 enemies.
  • The stakes are higher as you get older.
  • There’s a difference between weak and weary.
  • I feel weak when I get weary – I get weary when I’ve been fighting the same battle over, and over, and over again.
  • We get tired over battle we don’t even have to fight.
  • Imaginary battles.
  • The thing that got David crowned, almost got him killed.
  • You can be anointed and exhausted. 
  • We can kill the creativity that God needs us to use in order to pursue the calling he gave us.
  • Old strategies don’t work in new seasons.
  • It’s time for an upgrade.
  • You’ve got to grow into the anointing that you’ve had all along.
  • The strategy needs to match the season.
  • God sends people.
  • We can revert back to when we had no help.
  • Pray that God will make you aware of the Abishai’s in your life.
  • Jesus is between us and our enemy.
  • If you keep pushing people away, you will die at the hands of a giant that is under your feet.
  • Put down the sword, put on the armor.
  • Step into this season with the confidence that you have the anointing for this assignment.
  • Same problem, new passion.
  • Protect your light this week.
  • Revelation 2:5
  • Light represents perspective, passion and purpose.
  • Come up higher, repent. 
  • Push away your enemies and invite the Abishai’s back close.
  • God wants to give you your light back.
  • It’s about a decision you’ve got to make.
  • Come back up to where the light is,
  • Stop letting your enemies close, and pushing your friends away.

Let me know in the comments ⤵️ what your biggest takeaway from this message is.

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