Sermon Notes : Christine Caine – Remember Lot’s Wife

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Hi friends. Here are my notes for Pastor Christine Caine’s message Remember Lot’s Wife. This sermon was given at Elevation Church on October 30, 2022.

Please remember that these are not my own thoughts, but rather the notes that I took while Pastor Christine was speaking. If you’d like to watch this message again, or need more context, click here to watch Remember Lot’s Wife on YouTube.

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I’ve also linked the Bible verses so you can click on those to read.

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remember lot's wife

Sermon Notes : Remember Lot’s Wife

  • Luke 17:20-37
  • Genesis 13:13
  • Ezekiel 16:49-50
  • Genesis 19:17
  • Genesis 19:26
  • Torn between where God was taking her and what she was leaving.
  • She got stuck in a place she was only meant to be passing through.
  • Stuck looking back instead of fixing our eyes on the purpose and provision of God.
  • Our attachment to our past outweighs our commitment to the future.
  • His promise is still ahead.
  • We’ve got to stop looking back.
  • Stuck in offense, bitterness, unforgiveness, disillusionment.
  • Fixated on something we’re supposed to face and then move on from.
  • Then we get stuck.
  • Did we let go of the and of Jesus because we get fixated on looking back.
  • Luke 24:21
  • Is it because we have a misplaced hope?
  • Is Jesus truly the anchor of your life?
  • Our anchor is secure in eternity, but some of us have wavered and started drifting.
  • An anchor will hold, but are we holding the anchor?
  • Hebrews 2:1
  • The only thing you have to do to drift is nothing.
  • God is still on the throne.
  • We are distracted and stuck in other peoples’ business.
  • You talk about it more to other people more than you pray to God about it.
  • We try to get from people what we can only get from God.
  • Do Jesus, boo.
  • You have to know your source of hope if we’re going to move forward and fulfill the will of God.
  • We cannot stop here, and we cannot look back.
  • We’ve got to remember our source of hope so that when trials come, because that hope is limitless in a world that is hopeless.
  • Philippians 3:13
  • We don’t need to pretend it didn’t happen.
  • But we need to strain towards the future.

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