Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Focus on the Fruit

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Hey #eFam! It’s a gorgeous and sunny Sunday here in Iowa, and I hope that you are able to find some sunshine today as well.

Pastor Steven finished speaking this morning about focus. His sermon was titled “Focus on the Fruit.” You’ll find my notes below.

Personally, this sermon was very convicting. One of the last lines he said was “Are you really going to let what you don’t know become greater than the God that you do?” Wow. What a sentiment that is. And it really resonated with me because I always focus on my need to know and what’s coming next. I hate, and I mean HATE surprises. I don’t find them exciting at all – I think they are terrifying, and anxiety inducing. I hope that you don’t feel the same way! ?

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Okay – enough of my rambling, here’s what you really came here for. This message is part of the Looking Forward to Normal series.

Just a reminder that I take my notes as he is speaking – so you may need context by watching.

To watch this message on YouTube, click here. ❤️

Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick : Focus on the Fruit
  • What you focus on right now determines whether you will go forward, or whether you will just repeat the same old dead routines.
  • When God doesn’t let you out of a certain situation when you want to come out, there’s something that he wants to bring into you that can never escape.
  • God’s presence is not limited to a physical location – God is where you are.
  • Philippians 1:22
  • As your life changes, God’s word doesn’t change, but your perspective does.
  • Paul models confidence in uncertainty, which can change your entire life.
  • The man of God is trying to give them a message, but they have to wait to receive it.
  • While you are waiting, learn to worship.
  • That praise is what makes you ready and receptive for what God speaks
  • He will break up your hardened heart as he tills the soil
  • Philippians 1:12-18
  • What if what is apparent isn’t what is actual?
  • The word advance means to make headway despite severe blows
  • This may not be the prettiest part of your life, but those are usually the most productive parts
  • What’s happening in me is always more important that what is happening to me
  • Paul is past the point of “if I feel it, then I believe it”.
  • Beneath the surface God is growing something bigger than we could ever possibly imagine.
  • God is giving you a ROOT system. (Root was our word for 2020 ?)
  • Fruit without root doesn’t last long – we need something sustainable.
  • Yield your fruit in season – there is a time for everything.
  • I do not know! – you are allowed to say that.
  • Knowing that you don’t know makes you open to wisdom. <— Boom!
  • We are all idiots at the same time – we’re all equally ignorant about what is coming next.
  • The truth is in the tension.
  • The presence of faith does not eliminate uncertainty – in fact, it operates by uncertainty.
  • His clarity is not about the outcome – we need to focus on what God is doing through us right now.
  • The only thing you can really control is your focus.
  • Emotional, spiritual focus.
  • The only reason there is a book of Philippians is because Paul was thrown in prison.
  • I don’t need to know how it ends to know that I’m going to see the glory of God in the middle of it.
  • You do not need to know the things that you cannot directly affect.
  • You do not need to know the 10 year plan of your life to give God your best today.
  • What is going to come forth in your life in this season?
  • Some of us are so used to scarcity that we reject abundance when God sends it to us.
  • Adam and Eve got in trouble because they lost the focus of ALL that God had given them to eat – and only saw what they couldn’t.
  • I’m getting my roots right!
  • Our need to know is what keeps us from receiving.
  • You cannot bear someone else’s fruit.
  • Shame is what makes you pull back.
  • Who told you that you were naked? That you need something extra to be accepted? That life has to be perfect? That what you’ve know is what is normal? That I’m just an introvert? (ouch)
  • Did it come from God?
  • It’s time to focus on what God is speaking – and let his word get into my mind, mouth and spirit – not conformed by my situation but transformed by my revelation.
  • Focus on the fruit, not the frustration.
  • What actually matters?
  • If this season was fast forwarding us into the correct priorities – would it be worth it?
  • Romans 8:18-28
  • God is setting me free!
  • God is setting me free from everything that doesn’t look like him.
  • Perseverance builds character.
  • Faith grows in the not knowing.
  • God finishes our sentences when we don’t even know what to pray.
  • Don’t let the devil speak fear while God is building faith!
  • If you don’t focus on the fruit of what God is doing right now, you will die in the frustration while you wait.
  • Focus is chosen – and it’s the only thing that will create peace in the storm.
  • Eager expectations 
  • apo/kara/dokia
  • Turn away, head, to stretch forward
  • I’m looking forward to a greater anointing and a brighter day.
  • Numbers 13:27&28
  • Faith comes from focus, but so does fear.
  • Are you really going to let what you don’t know become greater than the God that you do?

I hope that these notes helped you out a little bit today. Don’t forget to watch the sermon for yourself!

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