Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – My Future Is My Focus

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Hi friends! Back today with sermon notes from Pastor Steven Furtick’s sermon titled My Future Is My Focus. This sermon is from Elevation Church on May 22, 2022.

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Also, please remember that these aren’t my own thoughts – simply the notes I took while Pastor Steven was speaking. If you haven’t watched the message, you’ll need some context. Click here to watch My Future Is My Focus on YouTube.

Bible verses are also linked, so you can click on those to read them.

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my future is my focus

Sermon Notes : My Future Is My Focus

  • Humility brings freedom.
  • Ask God to change you, instead of other things and other people.
  • Genesis 49:22-26
  • The one who endured the most was blessed the most.
  • Your father’s blessings are greater.
  • Sometimes we use the future as an excuse to waste today.
  • We can look too far ahead.
  • It’s dangerous to use today’s faith to forecast tomorrow’s problems.
  • We tend to think that what is next will be better.
  • Joseph’s integrity led to his influence.
  • God helps us get over what we can’t let go of.
  • Genesis 50:15-20
  • Notice the emotions if we want to be free, but don’t be controlled by them.
  • That limits your future to the level of your feelings.
  • You will only do what is right if you feel like doing what is right.
  • God will always have a coat for me if I keep my character.
  • All things fall under the sovereignty of God.
  • Bad linked to Blame linked to Bondage
  • We are chained to what we blame. And give our power away.
  • Telling God you’re worthless is an insult to the word that he spoke over you, and it is the opposite of worshipping God because the focus is on you.
  • But God.
  • You break it with a but.
  • Interrupt what the enemy sent to destroy you.
  • What has you in bondage?
  • The power to break it is in your praise.
  • You break it before it breaks you.
  • Interrupt your self defeating, God dethroning with a but.
  • That signals to your brain that you are moving on.
  • You can’t reconstruct the events of the past, 
  • The only way you can construct the future is to be faithful right now.
  • Everything God wants to do you in your future is connected to what he wants you to do right now.
  • Some of the things you are fighting with are not for you.
  • God will work it in.
  • Stop waiting for it to discover what God has put in you.
  • If you don’t have it in the prison, you won’t have it in the palace.
  • What others see as a waste, turn into worship.
  • HARM 
  • You can change the meaning of harm by what you put after it.
  • ONY
  • What comes after that?
  • You have got to let God bring this thing together.
  • It’s what comes after the attack.
  • Are you going to be defined by what stood against you, or how you got over it?
  • What is the devil trying to stop you from getting over?
  • What made Joseph a vine was what he climbed over, and what he brought forth.
  • I’m not just surviving for me, I’ve got something to give.
  • Don’t stay chained to the way things went down, or what other people called you.
  • Climb or die.
  • It’s almost impossible to climb over something while you’re complaining about it.
  • Ask God to show what he is bringing through this that will be of benefit to others.
  • Faith is a fight for focus.
  • How can God bring it into harmony if you die on the vine.
  • Preference and Purpose.
  • It’s about what you climb over and what you focus on.
  • I am where I am not because of the schemes of men, but because of the purpose of God.
  • Sometimes it’s not the height of the wall but the lack of our strength because we are not rooted in You.

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