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Sermon Notes : Pastor Holly Furtick – More Than Miracles

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My notes for Pastor Holly Furtick’s sermon titled More Than Miracles. From Elevation Church, May 2020.

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Bible verses are linked if you’d like to read them.

Please note that these are not my own words, simply the notes that I took while listening.

Sermon Notes : More Than Miracles

  • John 6:28-35
  • Jesus said I am the bread of life
  • Bread gives comfort and fullness – represents life and sustenance.
  • Jesus came to bring a relationship with the living God
  • Have you ever been disappointed with your walk with God because it didn’t turn out the way that you expected?
  • This wasn’t the way I pictured it – bu the problem isn’t the actual problem – the problem is our expectations.
  • God is building inner strength in you that you need for the next phase.
  • Raising kids is more about releasing your expectations and embracing who God has called them to be.
  • God delights in showing up in miraculous ways.
  • But that is not where he stops!
  • Jesus is the one who satisfies the hunger in our soul.
  • The new standard is faith and belief and an actual living and breathing relationship with God.
  • What matters most in the Christian life is not what Jesus can do for you, but who he is to you.
  • Do you know him as the one who satisfies your soul? 
  • What does this look like practically?
  • Isaiah 55:2
  • It’s important to identify the things in our life that are not bread.
  • It’s a heavy burden for others when you try to use them to fill you spiritually constantly.
  • When God is our bread, we know where to go when we’re let down.
  • Bread is now. Jesus speaks you right now to your situation.
  • They aren’t meant to last you forever – they’re meant so that you can keep coming back for more.
  • Jeremiah 15:16
  • You don’t need signs anymore – mature faith doesn’t need constant signs and wonders.
  • Sometimes God doesn’t get you OUT of a situation because he wants you to go THROUGH – but he will always be WITH you.
  • His bread is normal.
  • God is not limited to songs and sermons. 
  • That’s where we look for it…
  • But what if you expect God to speak to you in every mundane moment?
  • God will speak to you right there.
  • When we decide to see God everywhere – we will see him show up everywhere.
  • God is close, but we aren’t always listening.
  • A lot of times we don’t listen because we don’t want to hear what God is saying.
  • Sometimes we are too busy to be present in a moment where God is speaking to us.
  • God is constantly trying to remind you of his great love for you. 
  • You have to train your ears to hear him. 
  • The more you hear him, the more you see him.
  • God’s bread is new. 
  • Isaiah 43:19
  • God wants you to take new steps in order to move to a new place – but if we are unwilling to do something new we will always feel stuck.
  • Psalm 34:8
  • I don’t like things to interrupt my plans – but the disappointments of 2020 may be some of our best memories.
  • Maybe we needed this time in order for us to get quiet enough to hear God.
  • We don’t know what we will like unless we try it.
  • The people wanted “miracle Jesus” but when they were asked to shift their daily mindsets they couldn’t handle the change.
  • By the time Jesus gets done many turned away from him.
  • John 6:66-69
  • The more you experience the true bread of life, the more you realize that you cannot live without it.i
  • Jesus is inviting you to a feast – all you who are thirsty, all who are hungry. 
  • Seek the Lord while he may be found.

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