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Sermon Notes : Pastor Lisa Harper – Mick Jagger Was Wrong (You Can Be Satisfied)

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Hi friends! Thanks for taking the time to read today. Below you’ll find my sermon notes for Pastor Lisa Harper’s sermon titled Mick Jagger Was Wrong (You Can Be Satisfied.)

This sermon was given at Elevation Church on June 27, 2021. Elevation is located in Charlotte, NC but you can get involved from anywhere in the world! Visit for more information on how to join an eGroup or sign up for an online volunteer team.

These are not my own thoughts – simply the notes I took while Lisa was speaking. Because of that, context will be needed, so click here to watch Mick Jagger Was Wrong (You Can Be Satisfied) on YouTube. Also, I’ve linked the Bible verses, so you can click on them to read the passage.

Lisa harper preaching mick jagger was wrong (you can be satisfied)

Sermon Notes : Mick Jagger Was Wrong (You Can Be Satisfied)

  • Do you have a filtered relationship?
  • Genesis 1:26-27
  • Everyone was made in God’s image.
  • We are wired for relationship.
  • We are content with what we are not made to crave.
  • The pandemic has led to an increase in spiritual curiosity.
  • But contentment is at an all time low.
  • John 4:1-39
  • We were created by an up close personal redeemer who longs for a real relationship with us.
  • God will discipline us with kindness.
  • He knows everything about us and loves us unconditionally.
  • John 21:15-17
  • Jesus knows you.
  • Our performance does not activate or accelerate our intimacy with Jesus. It’s his kindness that closes the gap.
  • What do you need from Jesus?

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