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Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes : Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. – Little By Little

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Hi friend! I hope you’re great today. Below you’ll find my personal notes for the 12/27/2020 sermon given at Elevation Church. This message was preached by Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. and is titled Little By Little.

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Be sure to head to YouTube to watch the sermon – I take my notes in real time so context is needed.

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Sermon Notes – Little By Little

  • It’s not always how you start, but it’s always how you finish.
  • How grateful are you to be a part of Elevation Church?
  • Mark 8:22-26
  • Once more…
  • Growth is gradual.
  • We need to measure growth so that we know we are growing.
  • Part of our problem, is that when we think about faith, we only have one set of supernatural words to associate with it.
  • This can cause us to be frustrated in our faith.
  • We’ve got the wrong measuring stick.
  • It’s all going too slow.
  • I thought by now…(promoted, married, kids…)
  • I’m growing gradually.
  • Don’t be surprised when you ask God for miracles, if he answers you with gradual change.
  • Not all miracles are immediate, but progressive.
  • God uses people to bring people to Jesus.
  • All of us have some person who helped us along our faith journey.
  • Do you care more about titles or testimonies?
  • Find a place that has healthy soil, and watch God turn a little into a lot.
  • Thank God Jesus is not some regular rabbi – he came to touch the messiest, most broken and hidden areas of our lives and turn it into greatness. Whatever He touches,  He transforms.
  • Better to be blind and walking with Jesus than to be able to see and going alone.
  • Some of the most intimate things God has done in my life have happened in solitude.
  • There’s a difference between being around God and being alone with God.
  • It’s easy to feel faith when you’re surrounded by others who are filled with faith – how do you feel when you are alone?
  • Faith is about spiritual survival.
  • Don’t compare your today to somebody else’s.
  • What you see today is still in the beginning phases.
  • Do you see anything? (Spiritual eyes)
  • Vision gives pain purpose.
  • Where you are headed is better than where you have been.
  • Have you lost your vision, dream, calling, marriage, business, friends?
  • You can get it back in Jesus.
  • God is a restorer.
  • A little bit of disobedience to God creates a foothold for the devil.
  • You’re not waiting – God is restoring.
  • Gradual miracles are no places for the masses.

I hope this sermon blessed you today. I had never heard of Pastor Rich before this and thought he was a very good speaker.

Have an incredible week! 💛



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