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Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Just The 2 Of Us

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Hey again, dear friends.

Today’s message at Elevation Church was pure 🔥. Pastor Steven brought such a relevant word that really ignited my soul…especially after not having watched for a few weeks, and struggling with my faith for a while.

My notes are below, and you can click here to watch on YouTube.

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Now, onto the sermon notes. As always, these are my personal notes, and I take these in real time, as pastor was speaking so you’ll need to watch and get some context.

Sermon Notes : Just The 2 Of Us

  • This one is for me.
  • 2 Kings 4:8-35
  • When we stop asking God what he wants to do in our lives, we limit our potential.
  • What if God is brainstorming how to bless you today, not how to curse you?
  • Your ministry doesn’t start when people first see it.
  • God will find a way to get his word out.
  • Sometimes you’ve got to look back to move forward.
  • He’s gonna do the stuff tomorrow that I need him to do.
  • God provided for Elisha through someone who he didn’t even ask to fulfill it.
  • God is good enough to give you what you ask for.
  • But we secretly want him to do exactly what we planned.
  • The woman had the means to do something for God and the humility to do it – that makes her  great.
  • Do you really need to ask God certain things? 
  • Do you do what God is asking you to do?
  • I don’t have to – I get to.
  • Isn’t it nice to know that you’ve got someone you can count on?
  • Can you say God, I’m with you?
  • God will send you somebody on every season – might not be who you expected…but he will send them.
  • The deepest desire of the woman’s life was met when she did something simple.
  • How sensitive are you to the prompting of the Holy Spirit? Or does God have to prompt you?
  • Elisha knew what it was like to stand with someone in a season of loneliness.
  • There’s a difference between what you show publicly and what you wrestle with privately.
  • God doesn’t have to shout because he’s not far away – the devil needs to shout.
  • Have you ever felt like you’re the only one who cares?
  • What if God sent this message to you today?
  • He hears before I call.
  • The thing you’re worrying about may never even happen.
  • This is my word.
  • 2 Kings 2:2
  • God will give you someone that you need in every season of your life.
  • The way God meets needs is through people.
  • You do not have to pray about everything – just do something for God.
  • She didn’t have a sign, she had an idea.
  • It’s a privilege to serve God and to be in ministry.
  • Instead of asking God for something, she offered what she had.
  • Offer God the places of your disappointment.
  • You are not alone.
  • Make God a place.
  • God is a god of questions even though we want so many answers.
  • God is the God of the comma, and also the God of the question.
  • Are you living in resentment, or shame?
  • You can learn to live with certain things…you only let God’s word in so far. So you get God’s hope for some things, but you’ve stopped asking for other things.
  • You’ve got to be proactive.
  • Everybody has a need in their heart, even if nobody else knows it.
  • Have you convinced yourself that you don’t deserve to feel good?
  • To bury your disappointment is not a sustainable strategy.
  • Elisha didn’t ask for a bed and the woman didn’t ask for a baby, but God met both of their needs.
  • Is God giving you right now what you didn’t ask for in a way you never anticipated?
  • It hurts to hope.
  • Shut the door.
  • She didn’t ask the man to do what he didn’t have the power to do.
  • Stop expecting out of people what only God can give. 
  • People can help and bless you, but not complete you.
  • Quit demanding unreasonable expectations.
  • Who started it?
  • The woman lied like you do on your Instagram feed. (Come on somebody!)
  • I don’t need to talk about my problems to someone who doesn’t have the means to solve them.
  • Are you dealing with something you didn’t ask for?
  • The more I hope, the more open I am to disappointment 
  • Just because you didn’t ask for it, doesn’t mean you can’t handle it – you just have to know what to do with it.
  • If God speaks it, he will perform it.
  • When you can tell God the real stuff at his feet, you’re growing in your relationship with him.
  • God needs your attention right now.
  • Are you standing on the other side of a closed door today?
  • It’s going to be personal – what god does in your life.
  • It’s a process.
  • God is saying “let me finish this – I started it.”

Thank you for stopping by today. I’ll be back with more next week. In the meantime, be sure to check back for more content regularly!