Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – It’s Always Been In You

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Hey friend! Below you’ll find my notes for this weekend’s sermon from Pastor Steven Furtick at Elevation Church. His sermon was titled It’s Always Been In You.

Context is needed, so you can click this link to watch the sermon in it’s entirety on YouTube.

As a disclaimer : these are not my thoughts, just the notes I’ve taken while Pastor is speaking.

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I appreciate you taking the time to stop by to read today. Have an incredible rest of your day. (Also, bible verses are linked, so you can click to read those as well.)

Pastor Steven Furtick : It’s Always Been In You

  • Genesis 34:30; 35:11
  • What you do with what is in you is up to you. 
  • You’ll be surprised what you’ll trade when you’re tired. 
  • Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now. 
  • Jacob’s real struggle was never with his brother. 
  • Often you get to a place you’ve imagined, then disaster strikes and threatens to destroy it. 
  • Jacob is where God was leading him, but he’s not safe anymore. 
  • How often do you feel not “adultish”? ?‍♀️
  • Or have you had to deal with the consequences of someone else’s decision?
  • Genesis 35:1-11
  • God can bring you back to Bethel to remind you of your accomplishments. 
  • When Jacob is in need of his greatest faith, God took him back to the place of his greatest fear. 
  • You’ve got a lot on you – some of it is your fault, some is the fault of Tibet’s and none of it is anything you’ve been through before. 
  • God will remind you that you made it anyways. 
  • Remember a time that you thought you wouldn’t make it another day. 
  • You did make it!
  • What’s on you can cause you to forget what’s in you. 
  • We have a Jesus covenant. 
  • What are you depending on that isn’t God?
  • Offense and bitterness can keep you from remembering what’s in you. 
  • But it’s always been in you. 
  • The fight you have to win is the one versus yourself. 
  • You will never produce your nation if you don’t know your name. 
  • Is your covenant with your struggle greater than your covenant with God?
  • God knows what’s on you.

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