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Sermon Notes : Pastor Dharius Daniels – I See It Now

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Good morning precious friends! Today at Elevation Church, we had a guest speaker in Pastor Dharius Daniels. He certainly brought the fire today.

Click here to watch on YouTube – context is needed for my notes since I take them in real time.

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Now on to the notes…as always – thanks for stopping by. đź’›

Sermon Notes : I See It Now

  • Before you open the news app, open the Bible app – especially if you’re in the US this week.
  • If you’ve got breath, God gets praise.
  • Your personality is not an excuse that exempts you from the biblical responsibility to speak life into others.                     
  • When God asks us a question, it’s not to gather information, it’s to give it – he’s trying to show us something.
  • Job 42:1-5
  • Just because something doesn’t make sense now – it does’t mean it doesn’t make sense. It may just mean that you’re not in the space of your life where God can make sense out of it.       
  • Looking back in retrospect we see that what we thought God was using to destroy us has been used to develop us.
  • Where you sit determines what you see – and what you see determines what you do.   
  • This is why some people can look at you as a religious fanatic when you’re praising Jesus in a season when everything seems to be falling apart. 
  • We learn about Job so we can gain wisdom on how to handle a “Job-like season.”
  • A season where you have to keep advancing without answers…where when you want answers, God refuses to give them…when you have to move on without closure…when God differentiates between what you think you need and what you actually need.    
  • Are you waiting on answers? 
  • If God hasn’t given you an answer now, maybe God is telling you that you don’t need an answer now and that you need to move on anyways.
  • Maybe you don’t need what you think you need in order to do what God has called you to do.
  • Are you using your gift as a crutch?
  • God will pull your crutch to make you realize that he is all we need by putting us in a situation where he’s all we’ve got.        
  • We don’t see what God sees because we don’t sit where God sits.
  • John 11
  • Lazarus was dead – but Jesus says he’s sleeping.
  • They’re looking at the same thing, but not seeing the same thing.     
  • Satan tells us he’s got more power than he really has.
  • Do you ever question why things happen to you instead of someone else? Not that we want it to happen to them either…but why does it have to happen to us?
  • Pause and thank God for hedges you don’t know about.
  • Sometimes we focus on the things that happen to us instead of realizing that everyday there are things that didn’t because of hedges that we don’t see.   
  • Satan will try not only to get to you – but to everyone in your house.
  • Some people in your house are blessed by a hedge because of you – and benefit from the hedges that protect you – even if they don’t believe in God.
  • Have you ever felt like if it’s not one thing, it’s another? This is a strategy of the enemy to get us to act out of our anxiety.
  • The enemy is after your commitment – not your stuff. The stuff is just a byproduct.
  • Keep up that Job-like resolve. 
  • Stress and pressure make you say things you don’t mean to people you really love.
  • We don’t want to hear the “Christian clichĂ©s” when we are in a season of ambiguity.
  • These situations don’t require words all the time – we just need their presence and the holy spirit.                    
  • You can’t hide your real thoughts from a God who knows them. 
  • There are times that we deny what we feel – but when we can admit and question God that can show a healthy relationship with him.
  • Job 38:3-7
  • Just because it doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make sense.
  • In the midst of uncertainty God asks Job a question.
  • As long as we’re certain about God, we don’t need to be certain about it.
  • God is good, faithful and he will come through. We are more than conquerers.
  • We are in an age of uncertainty.
  • You’ve got 2 options – to focus on the uncertainty of it – or the certainty of God.
  • Job 41
  • We get surprised by life, but God does not.
  • We complain about the mess, and miss the miracle that we were even alive to complain.
  • Praise creates a fortress in our thought realm because it requires mindfulness that can block negativity – worship is a defense weapon.
  • God is good, God is for you, and God is faithful.
  • Now go listen to The Blessing by Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes and Elevation Worship and accept the words into your heart today. 


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