Sermon Notes : Pastor Dharius Daniels – I Am Number Twelve

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Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted my sermon notes, but I’m back!

Below you’ll find my notes for this weekend’s (April 11, 2021) message at Elevation Church. This sermon was given by Pastor Dharius Daniels.

Elevation is located in Charlotte, NC – but you can get involved from anywhere in the world. Head to to find an eGroup or to volunteer for an online team.

As always, I take my notes in real time, so context is needed. Be sure to head to YouTube to watch this message in it’s entirety.

These are not my original words – simply notes I took as Pastor was speaking. (Bible verses are linked, so you can click to read.)

I appreciate you taking the time to read, enjoy the rest of your day!

Sermon Notes : I Am Number Twelve

  • Matthew 14:28-29
  • None of the words used to describe followers of Jesus suggests “normal”.
  • Just because something is a spiritual truth, doesn’t mean that is my personal experience.
  • We behave in a way that is consistent with the way that we see ourselves.
  • God is trying to change your mind about you.
  • To get you to see yourself the way he sees you, so you behave in a way that conveys how he sees you, not how you see yourself.
  • Grace breaks rules.
  • What happens with them does not dictate and determine what happens with me.
  • We may go in the same thing, but we don’t come out the same way.
  • Not denial, but belief.
  • There are always exceptions, why can’t you be one of them?
  • Water Walker : those that walk on what other people drown in.
  • Because Jesus reset himself spiritually, he was able to accelerate himself physically.
  • God will help you make up for lost time.
  • Sometimes we don’t walk on water because the command to come isn’t enough.
  • Who is going to influence what I do more : the one walking on the water, or the ones sitting in the boat?
  • You’ve got a #12 destiny on you.
  • Embrace Your Uniqueness
  • God will use your uniqueness, but he first has to show you its relevance.
  • Peter didn’t lose vision, he lost focus.
  • Walk In The Wind
  • This means we need to have long faith.
  • Not how strong is my belief, but how long can I believe.
  • Scream For The Savior
  • We will all reach a point where we sink.
  • You don’t call on people to help that you don’t believe can or will.
  • Praise reminds me of who God is, which produces a fence to keep out the negative strongholds.

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