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Sermon Notes : Pastor Lisa Harper – Hope Is In Our DNA

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Below you’ll find my notes for Lisa Harper’s message from Elevation Church this weekend (6/28/2020). It’s titled Hope Is In Our DNA.

She really provided a lot of new perspectives for me personally on some passages in the Bible, and I pray that she does the same for you.

As always, I take my notes live – context is necessary…go watch the message!

Click here to watch on YouTube.

Lisa Harper : Hope Is In Our DNA

  • The Greeks expected hope by looking back and seeing evidence of it.
  • Hope is not based on now.
  • Genesis 3:21-24
  • Genesis 1:26&27
  • We are hardwired for relationship.
  • God created and modeled rest. It is not a divine accommodation.
  • Man and woman was never intended to be hierarchical relationship, but a mutual helping relationship.
  • Psalm 34
  • God uses David feigning madness to drive him out.
  • God is near us when our lives feel crushed.
  • God herded them out of Eden as a sign of redemption.
  • Numbers 27:1-7
  • Women were regarded as property at this time.
  • God is not an autocrat – he is actively redeeming and restoring
  • Deuteronomy 22:29
  • God set up the women in this time to be cared for in their future.
  • Matthew 18:15
  • For church to be a healthy community, there has to be parameters.
  • The Bible was never meant to be used as a club.
  • Hebrews 4:12
  • Interesting how everyone is trying to throw Jesus out of history.
  • (BC is now BCE, and AD is now CE)
  • The world is so desperate for hope right now.
  • We have it by walking with Jesus.
  • Ask God to open your eyes to the hope that is already yours.
  • There is no room for dry bones in our hearts.

There you have it. I know there aren’t a lot of written notes, but that’s because I was really trying to focus on what she was saying. Lisa is an amazing teacher of the Word.