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Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Hindsight 2020

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Good morning, friends – and Happy New Year! Today at Elevation Church, Holly brought us back to 4 of Pastor Steven’s messages from 2020.

Below you’ll find a small snippet of notes I took, as well as a link back to YouTube for the full sermon if you’d like to revisit.

As always, thank you for dropping in – have an amazing day! 🧡

Sermon Notes : Hindsight 2020

  • A look back on some of Pastor Steven’s sermons from 2020
  • Make Room For The New
  • Dare to believe that God is making room for the new in your life right now.
  • Don’t limit yourself by labels.
  • Tired On The Inside
  • (My notes for this sermon can be found if you click this link.)
  • Being weary doesn’t mean you’re weak – Jesus was tired too.
  • Straight through is the shortest way.
  • Unscheduable Blessings
  • You have to move with Him – even if you don’t like it.
  • Did I Ask?
  • If you knew, you would ask.
  • Stop listening to everything around you so much.
  • Ask God what He is doing right now – He will show you.
  • Everything you need for what God is calling you to do in 2021 – you’ve already got it!

Remember to watch this message again if you need to! Available on YouTube or as a podcast.