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Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Finish With Favor

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Hey there friends! Below you’ll find my sermon notes for Pastor Steven Furtick’s sermon titled “Finish With Favor.”

This message was given this weekend at Elevation Church. It was so timely for my husband and I based on our current situation, and I believe you’ll be blessed by it as well.

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As always, I take my notes in real time as Pastor is speaking, so context is needed. You can click here to watch on YouTube, and you’ll need to do so in order for these notes to make sense.

Sermon Notes : Finish With Favor

  • The year of Fear/Frustration/Fighting/FAVOR
  • Luke 4:13-30
  • You may need to forget what the past 11 months have held…
  • I won’t bring it up if you don’t.
  • It’s time to reclaim God’s favor, for your family, perspective, business, emotions, ministry
  • The proof of God’s favor in your life is not the absence of attack.
  • No battle or blessing will last forever.
  • There will be another one.
  • You can favor anywhere.
  • Or favor can find YOU anywhere.
  • Favor found me.
  • Same favor, different place.
  • Jesus’ time in the wilderness is parallel to Moses’ time.
  • What Moses ended in failure, Jesus would finish with favor.
  • We slip back into what we are familiar with.
  • God doesn’t stop the test, he continues the transformation.
  • Find the place.
  • Will you proclaim something that you can’t currently perceive?
  • Is familiarity the enemy of favor?
  • Jesus came to save the people that they wanted him to wipe out.
  • He came to fulfill the law, not abolish it.
  • He didn’t come to put it on you, he came to take it on himself.
  • Praise him like it’s finished!
  • We get so focused on what we’re living in that we don’t realize what we are looking at.
  • We have to be careful not to wish away stages of our lives.
  • Some of the places that God should be working the most in your life are the places where you’re letting him do the least.
  • It’s finished when He says it’s finished. You are who He says you are, not who they/that say(s) you are.
  • Are you addicted to feeling miserable? It’s familiar
  • If fear is your natural habitat for long enough, you’ll start to seek it out.
  • Some of the frustration you feel you are creating.
  • Because it feels so familiar we continue to do it.
  • Favor feels funny.
  • No matter how it started, it’s going to finish with favor.
  • You’re going to finish with favor – receive that…don’t chase it away.
  • Jesus was rejected by the people that should have recognized him.
  • Do we know too much?
  • Can you recognize what is right in front of you?
  • Somebody else is counting on you to find your favor in your situation.
  • I’m walking in the favor of God.

I pray that you have an amazing week ahead. 💛