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Sermon Notes : Pastor Larry Brey – Fill In The Gap

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Hi friend! Below you’ll find my notes for Pastor Larry Brey’s sermon from Elevation Church titled Fill In The Gap. Given on October 10, 2021.

Please note that these are not my own words, just the notes I took while he was speaking.

Context will be needed. Click here to watch Fill In The Gap on YouTube. I’ve also linked to the Bible verses, so you can click those to read.

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fill in the gap

Sermon Notes : Fill In The Gap

  • 1 Samuel 13:2
  • You don’t need something new, you just need to see what you have differently.
  • Every one of us has the gap of disappointment.
  • Expectation vs. Experience
  • It’s not the size of your resources, but the size of your obedience.
  • 1 Samuel 13:11-14
  • Someone else’s decision can feel like it derailed your destiny.
  • Look at the backstory to understand the behavior.
  • This allows space for grace.
  • If you don’t deal with an issue, the next time you see it after ignoring for so long, it will be bigger.
  • Blessing or bitterness is your choice.
  • Even if you do nothing, something will grow.
  • (This reminded me what Christine Caine says in her latest book How Did I Get Here? : It’s easy to drift from God, all you have to do is nothing.)
  • Do you try everything in your own effort before finally resorting to God’s help?
  • We can often use God as a last resort instead of our first option.
  • You fake it til you make it, but feel like you’ll never make it.
  • Why do I put myself in the middle of the equation? Because I’m driven by insecurity.
  • A little bit of grace changes the way you see everything.
  • Insecurity always expresses itself as excuses.
  • Then it becomes so big we can’t avoid it.
  • The enemy uses insecurity to intimidate you.
  • Just don’t stop.
  • Not derailed – redirected.
  • Jonathan realizes it’s not about him, and serves the one that he should have been king over.
  • 1 Samuel 20:13-15
  • 1 Samuel 13:23
  • Where is your place of your biggest disappointment?
  • An unnamed enemy will never be defeated.
  • When one generation doesn’t deal with an issue, it will be handed down to the next generation.
  • Freedom won’t come from your father’s voice, it comes from your heavenly father’s hands.
  • Deal with it today! One day.
  • It’s time to face your Michmash.
  • It’s too easy to walk away from what you only know by yourself. It is easier when you tell someone so that they can have your back.
  • 1 Samuel 14:1-6
  • We often want God to put the outcome in the gap –  BUT we need to put in our obedience.
  • God’s grace allows us to separate what we did from who we are.
  • You did a bad thing, you are not a bad person.
  • If we show our thorns, then maybe the next generation won’t have to fight them…this can’t happen if we hide them.
  • Your Michmash is someone else’s miracle.
  • 2 Samuel 9:1-7
  • Don’t settle for crumbs that have fallen on the floor – God has give you a seat at his table!

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