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Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Expect a Resurrection

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Happy Easter, guys! Today I’m going to post my notes from Pastor Steven Furtick’s sermon notes. He was preaching from Elevation Church, and as I mentioned, today is Easter.

Now, as you can probably guess, this wasn’t a normal Easter sermon. Pastor spoke with such an urgency, and energy – it was difficult to not be completely engrossed in what he was saying. But he also said that this wasn’t a typical “notes taking” message – which is why mine are so much shorter today.

Anyway – I hope that you enjoy – and as always, I take my notes in real time while watching, so you will have to watch to get the full context of some of them.

I’ve seen rumors that there will be no official posting of this sermon on YouTube, but if I find out otherwise, I will post the link here.

Stay safe.

Pastor Steven Furtick – Expect a Resurrection

  • He wanted the world to know that he folded his own clothes – he got up on purpose!
  • I expect it!
  • God said live.
  • He still is!
  • declare live to your life!
  • resurrection isn’t always pretty.
  • even if it does, he still is.
  • to only way to get to the resurrection is to accept death.
  • God is showing you how deep his comfort runs right now.
  • faith can’t just be in the future and purpose can’t be stuck in the past.
  • are you refusing to accept what was taken away? Have you lost the ability to accept with God is going to do next.
  • the greatest revelation is when Jesus said I am resurrection
  • we’ve got to go back to the places where we’ve been disappointed.
  • Mark 16:9
  • I’m ready to see how God is going to reveal himself to me!
  • The first one that Jesus showed himself to was the one who had been full of the most dysfunction.
  • He will fill your empty vessel with his presence and power.
  • Mark 15:46-47
  • resurrection is reversal
  • what do you need to accept in this season?
  • unmet expectation is the starting point of resurrection