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Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Comfort Foods

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Hello dear friend! I hope that you are doing well today. Below you’ll find my sermon notes for the message Pastor Steven preached at Elevation Church on 01/10/2021 – this message is called Comfort Food.

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Sermon Notes : Comfort Food

  • Numbers 11:4-6
  • What is the food that makes you feel better?
  • (Mine is chicken pot pie or anything deep fried.)
  • Genesis 41:53-55
  • Feel the famine -> Pharaoh 
  • God will use famine to get you into a place or position of His purpose.
  • We want change we choose, and that we can control.
  • We can fill ourselves with things that make us feel worse in the end.
  • Some of us like chains because they’re comfortable…so we push away people that challenge us to change.
  • Miracles have gotten monotonous.
  • The same thing everyday can cause us to crave things that almost killed us.
  • It feels like everything has changed, but at the same time that everything is the same day after day.
  • In between you have nothing.
  • You got out of Egypt, but all of Egypt is not out of you…yet.
  • So where do you go when you feel the famine, alone, afraid?
  • Chains aren’t stable – they only make you feel that way.
  • Social media is designed to starve us and keep us coming back.
  • Some of what you crave isn’t bad…it’s just where you go to get it.
  • Luke 15:13-14
  • Things are not as good as we remember them a lot of times.
  • Famine brings us back to God.
  • Don’t let a craving kill you.
  • The problem with Christians isn’t that we want too much, it’s that we don’t want enough.
  • My father’s fridge is full.
  • You haven’t been eating the wrong things, you’ve been getting them from the wrong place.
  • Why do I crave what I hate? And what would be a better way to get it?
  • Is there a better way inside of God to get it?
  • Exodus 12:38 
  • Before you can receive the blessing, God has to remove the rabble.
  • Are you willing to allow God to remove that rabble?
  • Funeral or feast?

Let me know in the comments ⤵️ what your favorite takeaway was. Mine is when he said that we stay in chains because it’s comfortable. That’s so true. Change is hard, it sucks and it takes a lot of hard work. Staying comfortable is preferable a lot of times. But it’s time to move!