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Sermon Notes : Bishop TD Jakes – Come Before Winter

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Here are my sermon notes for Bishop TD Jakes’ sermon Come Before Winter. From Elevation Church on February 16, 2020.

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Bible verses are linked if you’d like to read them.

Please remember these aren’t my own words, but simply the notes that I took during the message.

Sermon Notes : Come Before Winter

  • Don’t be jealous – be amazed.
  • 2 Timothy 4:11-21
  • Time is the most precious thing you have.
  • God sends amazing people into your life to strengthen, shake you up
  • The greatest thing you can give your son is your thoughts.
  • Don’t expect people to be loyal. Always figure in a certain percentage of betrayal.
  • The people you poured the most into will be the ones who disappoint you the most.
  • God is always loyal when others forsake you
  • the more they rock you the more God will relegate you
  • you can make it on broken pieces, snatch what you have left when the enemy wants to see you drown.
  • you’ve been bitten, not beaten
  • God didn’t shake up the prison for me to get out, he shook up the prison for him to get in
  • hell has never made a prison that God can’t break in to.
  • always be feeding your mind.
  • you cannot lead if you do not read
  • time waits on no one
  • don’t let your emotions make you so stubborn that you fail to watch the clock
  • you’re not just living together, you’re dying together
  • fierce urgency of now.
  • you don’t have time to procrastinate 
  • it takes time to be wise
  • make yourself some highlights
  • look for the highlights
  • at the end of the day all you pay attention to is the highlights.
  • the mundane events are of no consequence to the story.
  • whatever you’re going to write, write it now
  • don’t wait – do it now

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