Sermon Notes : Pastor Steven Furtick – Bent Knees Break Chains

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Hello again, my friends! After a small hiatus, I’m back with this week’s sermon notes from Elevation Church. Pastor Steven Furtick gave a message titled Bent Knees Break Chains.

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Also – remember that these are not my own thoughts, just the notes I took while Pastor Steven was speaking. You’ll need some context – click here to watch Bent Knees Break Chains on YouTube. Bible verses are linked as well so you can click those to read.

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bent knees break chains

Sermon Notes : Bent Knees Break Chains

  • Get ready for a yes.
  • Is your heart ready to receive from God today?
  • Genesis 50:14-23
  • The position you’re in influences the decisions that you make.
  • You are not God.
  • Stop judging people for the desperate things they do when you’ve never been in that situation.
  • The decisions you make influence the position you’re in.
  • We can prolong our stay in depression or anxiety by the decisions we make.
  • The devil can attack you, but he does’t have to devour you.
  • The decision you make in the attack determine that.
  • Do you retaliate or bring it to God?
  • God’s favor is still on you.
  • That makes you humble in high circumstances and hopeful in low circumstances.
  • Even my mistakes can become miraculous if I give them to God and be humble about them.
  • Within every event is a decision.
  • Worship is a decision that you have to make.
  • The more we separate the event from the decision the more room it gives God to move on our behalf.
  • Stop blaming the events and start making the decisions that God is calling us to make in the events to empower us.
  • Or else we will always be a slave to what is happening.
  • From pain to purpose.
  • If Joseph hadn’t served with excellence in the small experiences, he wouldn’t have been positioned for the bigger ones.
  • Daily decisions.
  • Sometimes the first decision is to say that something is bad.
  • You can’t change them. Stop trying.
  • When you’ve seen the goodness of God, your emotions don’t determine your decisions.
  • If we use a moment to put someone in their place, then we put ourselves in God’s place.
  • If he died for you, and calls you – you can’t change God’s mind.
  • The gifts of God don’t depend on you.
  • Blame becomes bitterness which becomes bondage.
  • You are in an important moment of your life, there’s power in bent knees.
  • If you could do it in your own strength, you would have by now.
  • God is breaking generational chains.
  • You’ve got to much life to live.
  • What are you going to do with the time and the life that you’ve got left.
  • As long as you rehearse what happened, you can never reverse what happened.
  • What comes after your comma?
  • Finish the sentence.
  • Do what God gave you to do today.
  • When you have given up the illusion of control and committed yourself to the process of what God spoke – then you are on your knees.
  • Self made means you can be enemy broken. Be God made.
  • When you bow your knees to God and surrounded yourself to him, it makes room on your knees for the future that he has in store for you.
  • Expect God to bring to your knees a new beginning.

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