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Sermon Notes : Pastor Tim Somers – All I Do Is Wind

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Hey friend! Below you’ll find my sermon notes for Pastor Tim Somers’ message titled All I Do Is Wind. This sermon was given July 4, 2021 at Elevation Church.

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Please note that these are not my own words – simply the notes I took while Pastor Tim was speaking. Context is necessary – click here to watch All I Do Is Wind on YouTube. I’ve also linked the Bible verses so you can click those to read.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Enjoy the rest of your day. Also, if you’re in the United States – Happy 4th of July! 🎆

pastor Tim Somers preaching all I do is wind

Sermon Notes : All I Do Is Wind

  • Jonah 1-4
  • Have you paid to run away from God?
  • Your maturity in the Lord is how fast you will obey God.
  • The best place in life is when your wants line up with God’s wants.
  • Jonah’s journey sometimes might be more relatable.
  • How do you perceive and talk about yourself?
  • You might be the square root of your problem – even though Jesus is the answer.
  • It won’t always be what you like, or want.
  • If you don’t know where you’re going, there will be people who will gladly take you where they are going.
  • Desperation can lead to determination.
  • When you get grateful, you get faithful and when you get faithful you get fruitful.
  • What you are facing may be a setup for a step up.
  • If God delivered us, but never disciplined us then we would never learn.
  • The greater the anointing, the greater the attack.
  • Opportunities are directions back to the assignment God first gave you.
  • The temperature can impact your tolerance.
  • Opportunities are not bad, but disobedience is.
  • We tend to overlook an assignment and overpay for an opportunity.
  • God gives us all kinds of opportunities to lead us back to his assignment for us.
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