A Peek Into My Life : Cleaning Edition

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Hi friend! I’ve decided that I’m going to open up a little bit more into our lives here at Cuppfam. Daily schedules, weekly routines and any tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. Today’s is how I do our weekly cleaning.

I’m a lazy housekeeper, and I will be the first to admit that. (My husband jokes that I’m lucky I can cook, or he’d trade me in for a maid. ?) Anyways – I have finally found a rhythm that works for me when it comes to my cleaning schedule.


Laundry is a non-negotiable that I must do everyday. I cannot stand to see it pile up, so it needs to be washed and put away every single day. A load of towels, and a load of the previous days clothes are always on the agenda.

Also, I can’t tolerate dishes in the sink, or clutter on the counters and dining table. These are tasks that I take care of each and every day in order to keep my sanity.


At the end of the week, typically Thursday or Friday I will do a whole house clean. Bathrooms, kitchen, dusting, mopping and vacuuming. Also, if I’m lucky, I will wrangle the girls into cleaning their rooms as well. I’ll include a slightly pared down list of my weekly cleaning : all 3 bathrooms, every kitchen surface, dining room table and chairs wiped down, dust, vacuum, mop, wash all the bed linens, clean out the car, and make sure all garbage is taken out.


I am a paper planner girl – this means that no matter how digitized my life becomes, I will always choose and prefer an actual pen and paper planner to see my list of to dos. I currently am using this one by Day Designer, and absolutely love the layout. Because it is a daily planner, the added space for each day has been of tremendous use.

Another tip, if you are like me and only had a full size vacuum, like a Dyson – it’s so heavy to bring up and down the stairs all the time, so I grabbed this one by Hoover, and it rivals the Dyson without the heft. I can get my whole house done and then some on one charge and it never loses suction.

in closing…

That’s a small peek into my home life. Not a comprehensive picture yet – but I’ll get there as I figure out how to better navigate this space. As always, for taking the time to read. Have an amazing day!

Be sure to leave a comment letting me know your favorite ways to stay clean and organized!

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