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My Tips : Self Care After Surgery

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Hello, dear friend. I’m going to be writing about some after surgery self care tips today. Having recently gone through it, I hope that you will find some of these beneficial.

Eat Good Food

I’m a firm believer that food can be the ultimate comforter. If your diet allows you, indulge in some foods that you may ordinarily avoid. It’s all about feeling good here, and a great bite can feel like a warm hug.

Lean On Those Around You

If you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by supportive and empathetic people, let them help you! This is not the time to prove that you are superhuman. If someone genuinely asks how they can help, give them a task.

The Dishes Can Wait

This goes for all housework, really. In assuming that you already live a relatively clean lifestyle, a couple of days of not staying on top of every dirty thing can really help you heal. I tried to over-do it, and it’s like I told my husband – I had to remind myself that parts of my insides are literally being held together by string right now. The house (probably) won’t explode around you.

Rest and Read All The Books/Watch All the Bingy-est Shows

Now is the perfect time to catch up on your TBR pile, or shows you’ve been meaning to watch, but haven’t quite gotten around to.

Listen To Your Body

No one is living in your body but you. So shut out the critics (unless your doctor is concerned) about how quickly you’re healing. Everybody, and every body is different. Just because Karen recovered from her surgery in 2 days, does not mean that you are obligated to force yourself to do the hard things just because.

Lastly, Take It Easy

Be easy on yourself, mostly. You’ve only got one body. Treat it nicely. Take the bath, if you’re able, and relax with your favorite meditation music. Put off the hard decisions and mentally taxing activities until you can devote your 100% to them.

There’s my not so concise list. These are for me, as well as for you. I need the reminder today. My surgery was less than 5 days ago and today I’ve sat down and rested for the longest time since then. I’m feeling it too. It’s not fun. Take this time to feed your face, and your faith. Everything will end up just how it’s meant to end up anyways. Making yourself unnecessarily uncomfortable won’t help right now.

Sending love and prayers to anyone having recently gone through, or about to go through an operation of any kind. Big or small, it’s still changing up different parts of your body. Relax. ♥️


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