Meal Roundup : October 4, 2020

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Hi friend!

So I know I said that I would update on the meals that I was creating for the week – and here is that post, albeit a bit late.

First up this week was tomatillo salsa cheesy chicken enchiladas. (Say that one time fast. 🤪)

This recipe is from Tyler Florence and was easily found online. My husband and I loved it, but the girls wanted nothing to do with it.

Next we ate a pasta dish by Rachael Ray (seriously did not plan to have it be Food Network week, but here we are.)

She has a Neapolitan baked ziti recipe that is my absolute favorite. It gets a creamy bechamel poured over the red sauce and it gives it an awesome flavor combination. Again, this recipe is found easily online. Highly recommend.

Finally for the week, I made beef stew and dumplings. This meal brings me back to my childhood – my mom used to make it all the time. For mine I used a ton of carrot and potato for veggies, and not much else. Onion and garlic rounded out the flavor base. The meat I coated in flour and cooked on all sides before adding to the rest. It was left to simmer all day, and I skimmed the fat occasionally. Just before serving, I made a quick dumpling dough and cooked those right in the stew. As the weather cools here in Iowa – this was perfect. This was my first batch that actually tasted exactly how I wanted it to.

So those were my meals for the week – what did you make? 🤤