New Kitchen Experiments

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Hey y’all! I pray that you are each continuing to do well, even though we are all quarantined. (Well, my state hasn’t issued a stay at home order, but we are staying home as much as possible.)

When I started to think of my grocery list this week, and what meals I was going to make, it hit me – I have lots of cookbooks, and magazines yet I still turn to the internet to find new recipes and inspiration each week.

I thought it would be fun if for this week I dig into those publications and grab a whole new onslaught of recipes.

These are things we’ve never tried – and some of them are going to be very…interesting.

I tried not to pick things that I knew would go uneaten right off the bat…so I did pick and choose just a little bit based on my family’s taste.

Also, I am going to leave out ingredients that are not liked (ie : radishes), and I will not be buying alcohol to cook with since we don’t drink it, so anything that calls for wine or sherry will be substituted with another liquid type.

Since this isn’t a total Julie & Julia moment, I’m not worried about sticking to the recipe 100%, but I’m so looking forward to branching out in the kitchen!

I feel like I’ve been stuck in a rut lately, and we’ve been eating the same old stuff. Mostly because our kids are picky and haven’t been eating well lately. I’m going to try and bring them into the kitchen with me so that they can have some pride in making the meal – which hopefully will lead to better eating habits.

I’ll be updating this blog as I go – so I hope that you’ll join me along the way. ♥️


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