It Really Does Feel Like a Joke –

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It’s APRIL! This is such a crazy time…I truly cannot believe that we have entered into another month.

(Our youngest turned 10 yesterday, which should tell you just how I’m feeling about everything…is extreme melancholy a thing? Because I feel like it should be.)

How is your quarantine going? (And I hope that you are quarantining.)

I believe I’ve said before that our day to day life hasn’t changed. Eric is still working his “essential” job and the girls and I are still homeschooling. So, unlike the rest of the world, our lives have remained the same. That is the most bizarre feeling, let me tell you.

Kind of feels like we are in a snow globe…or perhaps outside of the snowglobe, and everyone else is inside. ??‍♀️ I don’t know…I haven’t been sleeping the greatest and my brain is a little foggy.

But – as I led off with – it’s APRIL!

I’m in need of a jumpstart. I have this word on my heart that I lost my light. This is the month that I bring it back.

So I’m going to be holding myself accountable. I’ve printed off a habit tracker to tally up all the days that I’m going to be doing all the things.

Each of our lists will look different, but I challenge you to do this along with me. We are all cooped up, so let’s cultivate some extra positivity into our lives during this time. Maybe pick up a new book that challenges your mind to grow. (I just started reading Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday – very, very insightful so far, and I’m only about 3 chapters in.)

(Exercising, reading, hobbies, drinking the damn water ((ugh)), taking vitamins…these are just a few of the other things that are topping my tracker for this month.)

A big part of this for me too is eating healthier lunches. I’ve been eating around “brunch” time, but way too much for that time of day and then almost immediately need a nap. So I’m going to be eating more energizing foods, instead of the things my kids are eating. Ew.

I hope you are surviving alright during this time. My prayers and love go out to each and every one of you. ♥️

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