Into the Unknown

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Hey guys!

Yesterday, I had a colonoscopy done. This was it, this was my key to finding out the next steps! Having some concrete answers, right?


It turns out that my doctor couldn’t even finish my procedure because my insides are so messed up. My bladder has connected to my colon, and the top part of my colon is hanging down in a u-shaped fashion.

This means, that the only answer I got was the date of my next surgery. I was hoping to know the scope of the whole thing. Whether I’ll need a colostomy of some kind, or if I can just be put back together normally.

There are 3 options on the table, and it will all be a game time decision. That’s scary.

But here’s the bottom line that I keep telling myself – any one of the 3 options will be better than what I’m living with now. It’s not all bad. There will certainly be an adjustment period…but tougher things have been overcome.

There’s other things happening around this same time frame too, but I’m not going to mention them yet. It’s going to be a wild ride, and I’m curious to see how everything is going to wind up.

I’m just ready to get to a point where life isn’t revolving around my pain and suffering. This website is a year old, and I’m still not quite certain what my voice is going to be. Hopefully, the next few months will allow me some space to get out of my own head, and branch out more into the world.

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