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Husband Appreciation Post : Eric ❤️

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Hi friend! This post today is a little different than any I’ve done. I’m going to brag on my husband for a bit. You see, he’s been working so hard to implement some changes into himself physically, and the changes are pretty amazing.

appreciation for husband

Isn’t he handsome? 😅 Anyways – he’s the most determined person that I know. If he sets his mind to something, then there is literally nothing that can stop him from achieving his goals.

A few months ago, a friend of his made him aware of a system of products that were designed to help with weight loss. In conjunction with diet and exercise, these products could beneficial to him.

They have been! Check this out…

April - July
(Not everyone’s results will be the same. Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise program or implementing supplements into your diet.) Pictures show progress with Lean System results and diet and exercise changes.

In 3 months, my husband has lost about 20 pounds! He believes in the products so much that he has signed on to become a marketer for them. Check out this page to find out our Why behind this decision.

In April, Eric started on the Lean System. Please be aware though that he has changed his diet, and we have incorporated 5k hikes into our Saturday and Sunday routines.

I am so proud of him and all the effort that he has put in – and I’ve seen the changes both inside and out – his confidence is growing, and he’s really stepping out into new experiences. I love to see it.