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Hunkered Down

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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing great.

It’s just shy of 3am, and I can’t sleep. I was actually awake, lying in bed when the power surged, so I got up to shut our a/c off because it always has to reset after a surge.

It’s raining, and really windy here in eastern NC – but we still have power at this moment. According to the radar, we should be mostly in the clear of Dorian by about 8am.

It’s pretty intense just sitting here listening to the wind and the rain.

I looked around through the windows and didn’t see any type of damage, so hopefully that trend continues throughout the next couple of hours.

No flooding has seemed to occur on our street, but the daylight will show all the things I cannot see in the dark.

I hope that anyone in the path of Dorian stays safe. I’m praying for everyone. This storm has already caused so much devastation, let’s pray no more lives are taken.

Keep safe. God bless. ♥️

By the way, tonight was the Reflect event at Elevation Church. If you’re unfamiliar, this is a yearly event geared towards women with a sermon given by Holly Furtick.

It was so great to be on Facebook interacting with other women, praying for them and just realizing that whatever I’m going through, I’m not alone. There are other women out there just like me going through it, too. It’s such a blessing to be a part of such an amazing community.


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