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Health Update : 2 of…?

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Hey there again, my friends. I hope you are doing wonderfully on this Monday.

So, I had some news today. I had originally been scheduled for a consultation for surgery with one doctor, but he couldn’t see me until September 11th. Honestly y’all, the idea of waiting 6 weeks for just a consult made me cry.

Thankfully, my doctor’s office was empathetic and were able to get me into a new space. I saw the doctor there today.

After some more invasive testing, he scheduled me for surgery on the 15th. So, in about a week and a half I will (hopefully) be on the road to a speedy recovery.

He also believes that my symptoms are my body telling me that I’m in the midst of a Crohn’s flare up, but I’m tackling one battle at a time here.

I will see a GI doctor next. My big goal now is trying to gain a bit of weight before the actual surgery. More tears started flowing when I stepped on the scale today.

So that is my update for today! If you believe in prayer, good thoughts or positive vibes…I could use them now. Going under anesthesia scares me.

Thanks, friends. ❤️