Recipe : Instant Pot White Beans and Ham

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Hey everyone! Here’s what we ate for dinner last night, and how I made it. Since it was recently Easter, this is a great use up for a leftover ham bone. It’s also very budget friendly. I’m happy to report that my kids love it, too.

White Beans with Ham

First, I combined 7 carrots, an onion and some excess ham off the bone that I diced up. Let this cook just for a few minutes until the flavors have a chance to marry together.

Then I added in 4 cans of cannellini beans that I drained and rinsed. At this point you can add a pinch of salt (if you’d like, ham is salty so keep that in mind) and pepper to taste. Mix well.

Now add in your ham bone and enough water to just cover the bean mixture. You can also add some stock, but you might want to go with a low sodium variety.

(pictured before I added liquid)

Then I just used the automatic Bean/Chili function of the Instant Pot, being sure that the valve is set to sealing. This cooks for 30 minutes – but keep in mind that this time does not include the minutes it takes to come up to pressure, or the time it takes for the pressure to release. I let the pot manually release.

Final step is to remove any bones, and enjoy! This would be great served with some cornbread, if you’ve got it handy.

This meal turns out very hearty, and satisfying. And because I used canned beans, it’s so easy to throw it together in just a few minutes.

Let me know in the comments if you’re planning to make it, or have made it! I’d love to hear your feedback.

Talk soon. XO – R


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