Good Morning, Friends.

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I hope you’re having a very happy Sunday.

I personally am not feeling the greatest – but I believe it is just being super dehydrated at the moment. I struggle to drink the water, and I’m paying for that right now.

Anyways – on my agenda for today is to post my sermon notes (finally!) from Elevation Church, and to also post my dinner tonight – we are having green cheesy chicken enchiladas. So be on the lookout for both of those posts later today.

I will also be continuing my reading of my next NetGalley review – this one is a good one guys. I’m kind of completely obsessed with true crime lately – and the book I’m reading now is all about Chris Watts – the ultimate family annihilator. Review coming later this week!

I also need to workout since I haven’t since Wednesday ?. And continue to work on my cross stitch project so that I can finally be done with it.

What are your plans for the day?

I like to binge watch really awful (and by awful I mean great) tv shows while I cross stitch so right now I’m finishing up Vanderpump Rules.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day! Stay tuned for further updates. ?

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